Look at facts regarding Roe v. Wade decision

There has been great speculation in the press about filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court left by Justice Kennedy’s retirement, especially regarding abortion and the Roe v. Wade decision. While the center of the case involved abortion, the decision did not condone it but, rather, assured that a patient’s right to privacy between them and their physician in making health care decisions.

There would certainly be much less strife in this country if people would look at facts rather than parroting beliefs they have formed based on information provided to them by others.

“The Supreme Court disagreed with Roe’s assertion of an absolute right to terminate pregnancy in any way and at any time and attempted to balance a woman’s right of privacy with a state’s interest in regulating abortion. In his opinion, Blackmun noted that only a “compelling state interest” justifies regulations limiting “fundamental rights” such as privacy.

See the following link from Britannica.com for further details:


Larry Quimby