Piilani tenants are under siege by the management

We the people, by the people, for the people.

I, the undersigned am a tenant at Piilani Homes, a community of mostly elders, fixed-income citizens with various health issues and whom are grateful for a shelter over our heads.

The project is managed by Hawaii Public Housing Authority overseen by Housing and Urban Development.

Piilani tenants are yet again under siege by management, who is supposed to serve us. In our March rent bill letter was a mandate to remove all personal belongings from our lanais; chairs, tables, shade umbrellas, storage bins, etc. What is a lanai for? This is completely ludicrous and unwarranted. We came here to live out our dying years with the pursuit of happiness, not die by mandates. We also knew no one would sign up for this harassment. What’s next? Gulags? Razor wire atop the perimeter fence?

Our forefathers drafted the U.S. Constitution with the intention of its citizens limiting government, not the government limiting us. Instead, our government has become a bloated, out of control liability to our society, not to mention arrogant with limited accountability and wasteful to boot. Yes, we the citizens are rightfully angry and resent Big Brother intimidation and unfounded decrees. We demand to be treated with human rights and dignity. We are harmless and have done nothing wrong.

William Seidl