Arakawa and Molina both deserve your vote

This is my experience with mayoral candidate Mike Victorino, then a council member. Seven years before Alan Arakawa was elected mayor first term, we had a speeding problem on a steep hill in Wailuku Heights. I obtained paperwork and complied with all instructions including 80 percent neighborhood approval for traffic mitigating devices, a speed bump or table.

A letter from Public Works stated that the area was to steep. I met with the director. He said “there was no way” I would get approval, even after pointing out that there were steeper hills Upcountry. He gave me a snarky giggle. I wrote a letter to the mayor and got the same excuse.

A week after mayor Arakawa took office I met with him. He said he had already fired the director and put Mike Molina on the case. Within weeks a speed table was installed. Traffic slowed and lessened the danger, especially for kids. Come to find out, the fired director and Victorino were behind the refusals.

Thanks to council candidates Alan Arakawa and Mike Molina a no became a yes. Both are honest, hardworking and deserving of your vote.

David Dahlby