Developers, construction interests support Victorino

Imagine your ship has sunk in the middle of the ocean and you are in a lifeboat which is filled to capacity at 150 persons. Would you choose a leader like Mike Victorino who will allow more persons on board for a fee? What if he gave the most water to those new arrivals who pay the highest fee?

On Nov. 19, 2008, Michael Howden from the Maui County Board of Water Supply testified that “We really have no (extra) water in the public system. There’s no redundancy in the system. That was known, I believe, to all of you from April on. . . . Ellen Kraftsow, who’s head of Water Resources Division . . . very painstakingly pointed out to us that we’re not simply short of water Upcountry, but we’re short in both Central and South and also West Maui.”

Yet Victorino called for an immediate vote on Makena Resort rezoning to avoid proper review. He earned his title, Champion of Makena Development.

Fast forward to July 14, 2018, and The Maui News ran the headline, “Victorino is top fundraiser among mayor hopefuls” at $138,922. His supporters include Dowling, the then-Makena Resort developer, A&B and a host of other developers and construction interests.

Victorino may use buzz words like “walkable” and “bikeable” in debates. However, my sister authored The Smart Code and I know the water intensive sprawl and shoreline developments Victorino supports are the opposite of smart growth. I asked her.

Chandrika McLaughlin