Guzman works tirelessly while remaining positive

Where is our aloha? With so much negativity, rumors and lies being spread about candidates, I felt I needed to step up, be positive and stick to the facts to tell you why I am voting for Don Guzman for mayor.

I believe Maui is ready to return back to being a community of neighbors — Maui families needing jobs, small businesses, environmentalists — we can all work together to create jobs and affordable housing while staying true to the environment we all call home.

Don is running on grass-roots support and is the only candidate who has agreed to limited campaign spending; in other words, he is not beholden to special interests, only to the people who elected him. He has personally worked on legislation improving many areas in Maui — from our environment, agriculture, energy, building of our community center, preservation of open space, recreation for our keiki and so much more. Don actually talks to the people and gets feedback on what they need, not what politicians think they need.

Don is fair, has a good heart and works tirelessly to improve things, while remaining positive. As an attorney he is smart and knows legislation and how to pass it. And his six years on the council has given him the experience on how things are run and how they can be improved.

Don Guzman is the only one who is truly balanced and whom I trust to take care of our aina.

Rebecca Godfrey