Post-primary election observations

It’s been a few days since the primary election. All incumbents on Maui were successful in their races. The five Maui County Council members who are seeking re-election will each face a challenger. Four seats are opened, and we will have new individuals serving our community.

In the mayor’s race, we will have a new individual as the administrator of our county government. Our current incumbent, after three terms and 12 years as mayor, is trying to get back to the County Council. However, he received a rude awakening of what the voters of Maui County truly think about him; he came in second in the race for the Kahului seat!

We had three incumbent state House members who won outright, with no opponent in November. South Maui is sending a new legislator to Oahu. In the two other House races, there will be a member of the Green Party of Hawai’i on the ballot, plus in West Maui, a Republican will also be in the mix.

In the Senate, one incumbent was successful in the primary and heads back to the Senate while the other senator will be challenged by a candidate from the Green Party.

With three Greens seeking legislative seats, this is the most fielded by the Greens in Maui history. Had they not filed to seek election, with only one Republican running for office, seven of the eight legislators would have been elected in the primary. Good luck to Mish Shishido and Jen Mather.


State House District 13

Green Party candidate