Terez Amato is the change we need

We’ve become numb to who is actually funding most of our political representation. As we all know, most of our representatives in government need to accept funding from many sources to run a campaign. This funding always has strings attached.

The current Senate District 6 (West and South Maui) officeholder, Roz Baker, has a long history of funding from very large corporations such as developers, big pharma, insurance companies, energy companies, biotech, etc. While I’m sure that not all the contributors are evil, the list implies that Sen. Baker may need to be more concerned with the needs of those firms than for the voters she represents.

District 6 needs a change, a change to a senator who does not accept funding from big firms with agendas that do not benefit the people. Terez Amato is that person. She does not accept money from these big companies, she is working for the people. Terez is the strongest person I have ever met, she knows adversity and rises above it. She is also very aware of what West and South Maui need for the people that live there. Terez is the change we need, please give her your vote.

Stephen Rodgers