Troy Hashimoto will fight for us in the state House

I have worked side by side with Rep. Troy Hashimoto for a number of years in Council Chair Mike White’s office.

As staffers, we are often behind the scenes. Our focus is to respond to the community, solving issues and taking action. It is not about taking credit nor about ego.

Troy has always prioritized helping people and he does it for the right reasons. There is no better person to handle complex situations in a thoughtful and strategic manner. I know his focus will not change.

Since his appointment, he has worked hard at the Legislature, meeting with people and listening to the community needs, but that is just who he is.

I can attest to Troy’s character, integrity, honesty and hard work. You want someone like him fighting for us in the state House. Troy has proven that he can work with others, collaborating with them to provide the best for Hawaii, while focused to ensure Maui’s, and especially District 8’s, needs are met.

We need Troy’s fresh energy, enthusiasm and thoughtful perspective representing us in the Legislature.

Stacy Takahashi