Trump does not ‘do’ truth in the conventional sense

The Aug. 15 editorial by our intrepid publisher opined that it would not be a “perjury trap” for our president to testify under oath. The reasoning was that his previous statements were not under oath, so he could, without perjury, just tell the truth even if that contradicted previous statements.

That line of reasoning presupposes the possibility of this president telling the truth. There is ample, even overwhelming, evidence that President Trump simply does not “do” truth in the conventional sense. It’s just not the way his mind works.

Conventionally, “truth” means trying to align your statements with the best available observable facts. Trump just makes up things at the spur of the moment, apparently with the sole objective of reinforcing his inflated ego. Contradictory facts are dismissed as fake, regardless of how well-supported by tangible evidence.

His remaining advisers — those not yet fired for “disloyalty” — appear to have given up on trying to persuade him to communicate thoughtfully and carefully. I suspect that he is fundamentally incapable of keeping his mind focused on reality. His only view of the world is through “me colored” glasses.

So it is not a matter of him finally telling the truth under oath. He just doesn’t know how.

Mitch Bradley