Mayor’s words to victims were defensive and arrogant

Mayor Arakawa was reported on Aug. 30 in The Maui News to say that “Talk is Cheap” to those who challenged what they believed to be the county’s inadequate response and assistance after the devastating Lahaina fire. Regardless of the mayor’s position, his words display an attitude directed at the victims of a catastrophe which is both defensive and arrogant. This mayor’s successive administrations have treated citizens, who challenge its decisions with contempt. Remember Montana Beach, Olowalu, Palama Drive, the Post Office . . . ?

Do we really want this mayor, who abuses his authority and demonstrates such disdain for its taxpaying residents to end up with a seat on the County Council, and even potentially its chair? Vote for Tasha Kama She’s effective, respectful and she cares about county residents.

Christopher P. Fishkin