Representatives should introduce a sovereignty bill

Mazie Hirono “exposed” Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh releasing his email: “(T)estimony needs to be clear that any program targeting Native Hawaiians as a group is subject to strict scrutiny and of questionable validity under the Constitution.”

Is he possibly a justice prejudicial against Hawaiians or a constitutionalist seeing merit in an appeal for justice regarding the fraudulent annexation of the Hawaiian Islands?

The statehood vote should have reflected the wishes of the indigenous people only. Recompense for human rights and U.S. Constitution violations against Hawaiians is possible.

The United States overthrew the Hawaiian Nation for financial gain and strategic military position.

Is that similar motive to China’s atrocities against Tibet and East Turkestan Uyghurs or Russia’s illegal annexations of surrounding territories?

“I would ask you to consider that your government is on trial before the whole civilized world, and that in accordance with your actions and decisions will you yourselves be judged.

“The offense of breaking and setting aside for a specific purpose the laws of your own nation and disregarding all justice and fairness may be to them and to you the source of an unhappy and much to be regretted legacy.”

Queen Lili’uokalani continued, “May the divine Providence grant you the wisdom to lead the nation into the paths of forbearance, forgiveness and peace.”

Leading by example, Hawaii’s representatives in Congress should introduce a Hawaiian sovereignty bill, giving the legislative, judicial and executive branches a chance to do what is right.

Michele Lincoln