Thanks for the sunlight on the Atay situation

Congratulations to The Maui News for its excellent reporting on the staffing situation at the Maui County Council. The sunlight of public review can only help correct the situation, either administratively or at the polls.

I am curious about the proposed $20,000 grant for a “natural farming symposium” to be put on by Council Member Atay’s assistant. Will that event also include a panel on the natural way to deal with little fire ants, given that the team of Atay and Associates has so much experience with that topic?

And I am appalled that the county director of Economic Development had to ask for police protection to be able to feel safe going and coming from a County Council meeting. It is unfortunate that intimidation is apparently a key component of Mr. Atay’s “legislative agenda.”

It is notable that someone who reportedly recently moved here from Los Angeles was confident enough about Hawaiian protocols to be able to put an event honoring Queen Ka’ahumanu. Too bad he apparently has yet not picked up on a key element of that culture: aloha.

Enough already.

Dave DeLeon