Editorial on incivility leaves out some obvious examples

Regarding “Incivility in Washington,” an Oct. 7 editorial:

Writing about this would be a lot easier if The Maui News and the rest of the country’s media would just state that they are an arm of the Democratic Party.

How can The Maui News write numerous editorials on incivility and continually leave out some obvious examples.

Is it Republicans and conservatives who need armed guards almost everywhere they go or is it Democrats?

Who is it that screams in the Senate halls, corners people in elevators, accosts them while having a meal in a public place? Who is it that blocks highways, destroys property and shouts down people giving any talk they don’t agree with? Who is it that threatens families at home, work or play? Who is it that thinks nothing of destroying a person’s reputation, as long as it keeps their ideology and power intact?

The answer to all, it’s the left/Democrats!

It’s time to wake up, the left has taken over your Democratic Party. The playbook of the left, compliments of Saul Alinsky, is at all costs, destroy anyone who has a different point of view, period!

Why not write an editorial calling out the real purveyors of incivility today? That would be tough, because it mostly comes from the people the editor must agree with. The likes of Hirono, Booker, Waters, Harris, Schumer, Maddow, O’Donnell, Behar, Whoopi, Colbert, Kimmel, to name a few.

Bill Botts