Victorino should come clean about his true agenda

Why does Mike Victorino sound like an Elle Cochran echo chamber? Imitation is the best form of flattery, but not when it’s disingenuous. Instead of trying to gain votes by parroting what Elle says — and has made good on for her entire political career — Victorino should come clean about his true agenda. He is an extension of everything we don’t like about the Arakawa administration.

Over $32,000 in donations to him are linked to businesses awarded millions in county contracts under Arakawa. Also, 51 percent of Victorino’s big donations came from off-island (Oahu and Mainland), with 57 percent linked to real estate interests. What does this tell us?

Victorino is beholden to developers and off-island interests. He will continue overdevelopment, unsustainable tourism growth and damaging water and land use practices. In contrast, Elle Cochran consistently fights for our island community and rejects corporate influence. She can’t be bought and will not sell us out. Elle for the people.

Debra Greene