Observations regarding Halloween in Lahaina

Ben Lowenthal’s review of the history of Halloween in Lahaina was great (“State of Aloha,” Oct. 19). I just have a few comments.

1. The Halloween crowd in Lahaina is probably the best behaved party crowd in America. Some day there may be an exception, but . . .

2. Yes, some Native Hawaiians made a lot of noise. Some groups are easily offended, but there were very few and some were outraged that the official Halloween poster depicted a Hawaiian as a headless horseman. Meanwhile, neighborhood parties are growing in Lahaina until about 8:30 when many go to see the fun in Lahaina.

3. Profiteering on Front Street? That is not bad! But for most retail stores it means closing early and less sales. I am happy for the restaurants and police to earn more.

4. I talk to people in my store who say they are staying home because “all the crazies will be out.” My thoughts are, “No, they are not crazy and they are out there having a great time while you won’t be!”

5. Ben alluded to a bunch of “drunk tourists.” We have plenty of fun-loving residents involved and do not need to group all visitors in such a negative light. (I believe tourists commit far less proportionately than us residents.)

Thanks go out to police, local government, volunteers, LahainaTown Action Committee, Lahaina Restoration Foundation, Soroptomists and more for this great happening! Thanks for the absolutely wonderful children’s parade! Oh, and thanks, Noel Monteleone!

Jim Killett