Trump found the official Saudi explanation ‘credible’

A journalist walks into a bar — no, wait, the journalist is Muslim, so not a bar.

OK, the journalist walks into a consulate to file some marriage paperwork. He sees some dudes wearing earbuds with curly wires and figures. “These guys don’t look all that tough, and there are only 15 of them. I should fight with them. I can take them down with only my fists and not lose my spot in line. My fiancee waiting outside will not be inconvenienced at all.”

Now for the other side. Fifteen or so guys from a crown prince’s security detail are in Turkey as tourists, because the prince is totally OK with them taking some R&R time like whenever. But they aren’t into beaches and the usual tourist stuff, so they just chill at the consulate.

Then this journalist, who just happens to be a vocal critic of the prince, comes after them. Could he be armed with the pencil he was filling out forms with? The only training these guys have is whatever you need to be prince’s bodyguard, so they don’t know the armlock thing, and accidentally kill him. Oh, and they happen to have brought a saw so they cut him up into little pieces just in case he comes back to life like a comic book character.

President Trump found the official Saudi explanation — essentially the above — “credible.”

Mitch Bradley