Use tax dollars to take care of our citizens first

Do you want your tax dollars to go to the caravan of 7,000 ?

I don’t. Let me tell you where I want my tax dollars to go. There is a delightful Hawaiian girl who works full time, left college to raise her siblings and her 2-year-old son, gives back to the community by working to keep the Hawaiian traditions alive. She applied for assistance for child care. Applied twice and turned down twice. Needless to say, we don’t have the money because we are going to give it to people forcing themselves into our country.

Now for transparency, I am not Hawaiian but Irish Catholic. I would be proud to be Hawaiian, though. I am not a raging conservative. In fact, I am a Dem now. My Irish background taught that you take care of your own first. If we have extra tax dollars, put it into our schools. Create safe havens for abused women to go with their children and of course their dogs. Give it to the Humane Society. So many good causes can use our tax dollar.

Ally Harney