Women aren’t the only ones subject to abuse

I just returned from 16 days on the Mainland and wasn’t able to see the letters to the editor, but I did see Sen. Mazie Hirono on TV telling men to “just shut up and step up.” When I did return I read a letter dated Oct. 21 where the writer addressed what women continue to have to put up with — men calling them names, etc. — referring to prior letters opposed to the senator’s remarks. The one thing that stuck out the most for me was the irony in the #HIMTOO comment.

Just one day prior, The Maui News on Oct. 20 ran a story of a youth basketball coach who admitted to sexually exploiting 400 young boys. I was taught to respect women in my house so I’m sorry you had to go through that type of behavior. I’m just saying, with all the passion behind her words, it must have touched a nerve.

I still to this day open doors, move aside and give women right of way while entering a doorway, elevator or just passing each other in a supermarket aisle. I was given the tools so I feel fortunate for that gift.

Girls, women have met with hard times, I agree, but as you see from the article revealing the coach’s conduct, boys do too. So let’s not forget, it could be your son or another male in your family that is accused.

“Innocent until proven guilty” rings a bell.

Bill Armstrong