MPD could do better to stop illegal fireworks

So, once again the yearly article appears in The Maui News wherein the Police Department mildly reminds people of what the fireworks laws are, and then do just about nothing to enforce these laws except to respond to complaints occasionally (The Maui News, Dec. 23). This approach is just not working — I never read of arrests made for illegal fireworks in Maui County. I only read about many pets who have run away, scared out of their wits by all of the illegal explosions.

This is what MPD does, year-in and year-out. I understand the police have to be present before they can take action against people setting off illegal fireworks, but they just don’t seem to place themselves where they can actually do this.

The police need to get out of their cars and patrol the problem neighborhoods on foot, or better yet on bicycle, to actually be in the area to hear and see the illegal fireworks going off, allowing them to take enforcement action. I know from my past law enforcement experience that this tactic works.

Come on, MPD — be proactive and try something else.

Chris Profio