Public roads on Mahi Pono lands open to all citizens

The following County of Maui-owned roads cross land formerly owned by Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. and now owned by Mahi Pono: Kihei-Makawao Road, Waiko (Waikapu) Road, Paia Mill Road, Spreckelsville Road, Sunnyside Road and portion of Kala Road.

My reference is the Appraisal of July 1988 by Cowell and Company, which can be found at, “Archives,” “Roads,” and “Government Roads in Sugar Cane Lands.”

I am asking Maui County to tell Mahi Pono and Securitas (Mahi Pono’s security firm) that these are public roads and open to all citizens. Please contact me if there is any mistake in this information.

Happy trails.

David Henderson Brown

Executive Director

Public Access Trails Hawaii