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They shoot workers, don't they?

November 4, 2011 - Harry Eagar
From time to time, RtO links to someone writing about what I wanted to write about because that someone else said it better than I could. Today, for the first time, RtO is linking to a piece that reaches the same conclusion I do, but says it half as well – and gets the reasons all wrong, to boot.

Someone is Megan McArdle, an Atlantic magazine writer I seldom bother with. In a piece called “What's the Matter with Oakland?” she recommends to the Occupy protesters that they cool it on the violence. I completely agree.

McArdle says, “The correct response to overly enthusiastic crowd control is not 'using homemade bomb launchers to fire M80s at the police' who are trying to stop you from blockading the port, seizing city-owned buildings, and setting fire to things in the downtown Oakland area.”

“Overly enthusiastic crowd control” is rightwing, fascist-speak for “shooting unarmed workers in the head.”

And that's why Occupy protesters should not slingshot firecrackers at the police, or set fires in trash barrels (like construction workers on a cold day), because the police or the soldiers will shoot them in the head. (Shooting unarmed workers in the head with “non-lethal” projectiles is an old California cop trick. If you are too young to remember Ruben Salazar, look him up. And this would be the time to recall Henry Vestine's stirring recruiting call for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department: “If you're big, strong and stupid . . . “)

Since the beginning of the Republic, the police, the militia and the Army have killed thousands of workers, and their families, usually by shooting. To this date, they have never shot a boss.

There's a lesson in there for workers, or would-be workers, or friends of workers.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Oakland cops were still shooting unarmed, nonviolent protesters with “non-lethal” projectiles as of today.

So, listen up, Occupy sympathizers. Megan McArdle says you are in danger of losing her. And when you've lost Megan McArdle, you've lost the rightwing apologists for inept economic policies that cost you your jobs, homes and future.

For pete's sake, don't give them an excuse to take your lives, too.


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