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The New Capon Society

March 4, 2012 - Harry Eagar
There used to be a liberal wing of the Republican Party, fiscally unadventurous, socially limited but internationalist and willing to extend civil rights. It had a mouthpiece, the Ripon Society.

It still exists, but has hardly any members who are active elected officials. Its spokesmen are retired Republican congressmen like Steve Largent, who recently advised Republicans to “win without hating the other side.”

It is a very small society.

In a very early sign of the basic indecency and rudeness of the real Republicans, the National Review crowd started calling Ripon the Capon Society.

This meanness had a point. The Ripons have had next to no impact on their party.

The broad Republican Party had a chance to redeem itself this past week, and it should have been easy. Just denounce Rush Limbaugh for calling a young woman a prostitute on no evidence whatever. For a family-values party, it should have come naturally.

They couldn't do it. In particular, the purported standard-bearer of the mainstream party, Romney, couldn't do it.

He didn't have enough courage to face down Limbaugh, although even a young college girl did.

There's now a New Capon Society in the GOP, represented by Romney and the other gutless ones.

The existence of the New Capon Society also helps explain why Republican politicians don't understand the process and function of birth control: Not a concern for men with no balls,


The Los Angeles Times reports:

"Conservative columnist George Will called the Republicans' reaction 'depressing.'

" 'What it indicates is that the Republican leaders are afraid of Rush Limbaugh. They want to bomb Iran, but they're afraid of Rush Limbaugh,' he said on ABC's 'This Week.' "

Yeah, if Romney is too much of a pantywaist to brace Limbaugh, how does anyone think he'll handle genuine tough guys with armies?


I note I'm not the only one to comment on the reproductive state of the GOP leadership. Commenter Karen Silver at the Times writes:

"If they look down and realize they have lost their testicles, the GOPoliticians will find them in Rush Limbaugh's top drawer next to the Oxycontin and Viagra."


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