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Rightwing victims are hard to find

August 4, 2012 - Harry Eagar
According to the rightwing, leftist, commie gummint policies are victimizing countless god-fearing, right-thinking Murricans.

They cannot get guns to shoot up kids at a movie theater without going through onerous purchasing rituals on the Internet.

The productive rich are taxed so heavily that they are richer than ever

Packs of rightwing journalists hunt for pitiful, suffering millionaires and other victims of leftism, but like G. David Schine, who went to an Army base to expose commies in the military for Joe McCarthy and "came back with the scalp of a pink dentist," it is as hard to find genuine rightwing victims as the McCarthyites always found it to find genuine leftwing conspirators.

They hunted for a small businessman who was inconvenienced by municipal regulations and found Joe the Plumber, but he wasn't harassed by municipal regulations because he didn't bother to comply with them,

They hunted for a small businesswoman whose business was (going to be) harmed by requirements that she provide health benefits for workers, but it turned out the one they found wasn't harmed. When she had medical expenses, she just stiffed the doctors and declared bankruptcy.

The latest hilarious hunt for rightwing victims takes us to Wheaton, Illinois, where what H.L. Mencken disparagingly called a freshwater college is about to be morally corrupted by the requirement that it include contraceptive medical benefits to employees, although it turns out that Wheaton College has already been voluntarily providing that coverage with so little harmful effect that the college administration claims not to have realized what it was doing.

It reminds me of the time I was doing a story about gay bars and went to interview a rightwing Lutheran pastor who had been loudly preaching the rightness of heterosexuality (while wearing a suit of Roman armor: I am not making this up). I asked him if he would be disturbed if a gay disco opened its doors 50 feet from the side entrance of his church. "That will never happen," he replied. "This church is very influential in this town."

My next question was: "Are you aware that such a disco has been in operation for six months?"

It isn't hard to find victims of rightwing policies. To find rightwing victims, not so much.


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