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Racism found in the rightwing; who knew?

May 11, 2013 - Harry Eagar
It turns out that, in accord with leftwing suppositions, rightwing economics is all about stupid racism, ain't it?

See, for example, Jason Richwine, rightwing Harvard Nazi, forced by the light of publicity to resign from Heritage, although I have not seen that Heritage is also withdrawing his disgusting "study" of immigration. Somebody named Berkeley Bear sums up the situation better than RtO can (as in previous post, Maui News version cleaned up, but original dirty words at

"When I first heard this story, I was sure the bombshell allegations were buried somewhere in Richwine's PhD, or were tangential to the main argument. But nope - the Abstract is a love letter to the Bell Curve, only with Messicans for African Americans. He even gives a sloppy shout out to Charles Murray in the Abstract.

"Harvard continues to prove that the easiest path to prominence in academia is to be a committed contrarian right wing [putz]. Because somehow it would be less than fair for the critic of Murray on his committee to torpedo the little [jerk] for being a racist nut, instead of going along and signing off on the slanted ravings of a guy utterly unqualified to comment on psychology because they were dressed up in the right terms to satisfy academic discussion. Irony is he'd have had a lot less chance getting a degree at a 'lesser' institution, one that can't afford to keep a little subsect of reactionary and largely worthless faculty around to the help provide 'balance.'

"Never mind that all that effort is for naught, as these [creeps] go on to work at AEI, Heritage and all the other rightwing 'think tanks' that then attack Harvard as a commie cell."


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May-14-13 4:10 AM

I wish you'd be more specific, John. Do you support the Heritage report? Or do you deplore the resignation of Richwine? Something else?

Calling me an idiot really doesn't help us leftwingers clarify our understanding of the rightwingers.


May-13-13 9:35 PM

A leftwing idiot @ the Maui News; who knew!


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