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Rightwing redefines 'irony'

September 11, 2013 - Harry Eagar
From The Washington Post:

“ 'Wouldn’t it be ironic if the government shuts down because our leadership won’t offer a bill that Republicans will vote for? That’s what happened this week,' said freshman Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), one of the leading agitators pushing to defund the health-care law, even if it means shutting down the government."

Well, no. That isn't what irony means.

But referring to "Republican leadership" is delusional.

The New York Times has a short blog comment, which seems inadequate to the occasion, but, after all, it is Fashion Week in Manhattan. Still, it doesn't take many words to describe the situation:

"Some senior Republican aides say that as long as House Republicans remain united in opposition, they don’t see how the package can pass. But House leadership aides expressed confidence that the revolt could be cooled down by next week."

What would be ironic would be if Syria brings down the American national government by distracting everyone's attention to chemical weapons. I don't think that was the kind of regime change Incurious George intended to set in motion in 2003.


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Sep-15-13 2:57 PM

Here's a recent, deadly example of miscommunication.

I am a little dubious of th Titanic story. Steamships had been in use for a century by 1911. The bridge crew would have all had long experience in powered ships.


Sep-13-13 8:24 PM

Right now, Obama is looking good. Nobody is using gas and the US isn't leaping into another war it cannot win. Too bad Bush wasn't so clever.

Iraq proved my contention that Muslim Arabs are incapable of self-government. They are nearly impervious to being governed, too.

That makes all paths roads to hell, of one degree or another. "Jaw, jaw is better than war, war," said Churchill, that old war-monger. Sometimes, it comes to bursting point but Syria is nowhere near there yet.


Sep-12-13 1:01 AM

Rand Paul bears watching because he is a dangerous nut, but there is no reason to pay any attention to the content of his delusions.

The idea that Assad, friend of Hezbollah and Iran, is also a protector of Christians is ridiculous.


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