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Negotiable instruments

October 5, 2013 - Harry Eagar
I am not paying close attention to the justifications of the Teahadis, since they are not honestly offered. However, thanks to some of my friends, the more stupid ones do get filtered up to me. Peter Lewis at Words & Ideas ( spotted this from Sen. Cornyn:

“ 'House Republicans have repeatedly sent over legislation that would fund federal operations, but Senate Democrats have rejected each and every bill. They’re effectively arguing that the House bills are simply illegitimate because they contain policy measures that the Democrats don’t like. But what normally happens when the two parties disagree on a policy is a negotiation. It’s become disturbingly clear that the Obama-Reid shutdown is no longer about health care or spending or ideology. It’s about politics plain and simple.' ”

I note that some of my more backward friends (judging from their Facebook comments) are falling for this sort of twaddle. Well, jeering at twaddle is what RtO was bred to do, so let's state the obvious:

Dear Dimwit Senator:

The time for bipartisan negotiation comes before final passage of a bill. The Affordable Care Act has been passed and (in part) adjudicated. It has been submitted to the ratification of the voters in an election in which, had they wanted to, they could have fired the people who passed the Act.

While Cornyn's nonsense may be expected to play well among the mouth-breathers of Texas, it is somewhat surprising to find better-educated people proferring the same sort of guess-which-nutshell-hides-the-pea claptrap.


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Oct-06-13 1:20 PM

I am distressed to learn you think my insults are veiled. They have been as open as I know how to make them.


Oct-06-13 8:36 AM

Your continual veiled insults and extreme stance reflects badly not only on yourself but the Maui News. While opinions are unique and varied, the platform provided you by this news outlet is both one sided and petty. To name call and blame only one side of this fiasco is immature and denigrates any value in your words. You are a poor reflection of Maui and the Maui News. If you are truly such a bastion of righteousness then I encourage you to run for public office. I am sick to death of years of your juvenile ranting.

As far as Washington goes, vote all the inept scoundrels out. Stop their special health care, stop their generous pensions and privileges. All these rules they make in the name of "votes" don't even apply to them. They are not special, they are not smarter, they should not be exempt from the laws applied to the rest of us. Term limits and integrity, that's what we need in Washington. And neither party is providing it.


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