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Like Munich?

November 27, 2013 - Harry Eagar
The rightwing noise machine is nothing if not well-oiled (especially Bill O'Reilly, notorious drunkard), and it is a kind of pleasure to watch them in motion, like a synchronized swimming team in the Passaic River.

Today's theme was that Obama's Iran proposal was "like Munich." Well, except that the US is a military power, and Britain and France were not in 1938; and no national boundaries are being changed; no armies are marching; and millions of people are not being driven from their homes.

I was moving about today and did not have time to sample all the sewage, but Hannity was on board (expressing shock that Obama was "negotiating with terrorists," something Ronald Reagan would never do); and Cal Thomas was on the same theme in the newspapers.

UPDATE: I occurs to me that younger and/or foreign readers may be puzzled by the reference to the Passaic River. Back before the liberals ruined everything with their "EPA" and their "regulations" and their "clean water," the Passaic was a notoriously foul stream through the industrial district of northern New Jersey.

I was in college in the '60s, and a friend from New Jersey used to joke about swimming the Passaic crawl -- an overhead stroke with the right arm while holding left arm crooked in front of your face to fend off floaters; or what the students from Massachusetts called Charles River trout.


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Nov-28-13 1:48 PM

Truth is, the Iran proposal is nothing like Munich, and Hannity and Thomas are ignoramuses. Ignoramuses with an agenda.

It seems not to have occurred to them or to Lindsey Graham or Netanyahu that if negotiations are not an option, even in principle (whatever the substance of the current talks may be), then the only alternative is war.

If they don't get that, they're idiots; and if they aren't idiots, they are trying (successfully so far) to deceive you.


Nov-27-13 9:19 PM

"The truth will set you free" When the truth is your sheild nothing the left can say or write will hurt you. Is that why you both hate O'Rielly, Hannity, Judge Pirros and others because you can't stand the truth? Let the truth set you free. God Bless & have a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


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