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Calling out the gun nuts

May 21, 2014 - Harry Eagar
RtO's position is that gun nuts are cowards, afraid to go unarmed in places where even little old ladies do. But I did not say it as trenchantly as Flock the NRA. See illustration


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May-28-14 10:31 PM

"Cowards carry guns." -OneAikea

Is there any confusion here Harry? He did in fact say that.


May-24-14 9:21 PM

I don't know who this "he" is, bkaahui.

Not me, I didn't say only cowards carry guns. Not the man (or woman) who created the graphic, that fingered the Open Carry organization. Not OneAikea.

Whom do you mean?


May-24-14 2:24 AM

Harry no I didn't, his premise is that only cowards carry guns. I simply observed that police officers carry guns. If only cowards carry guns, and police officers carry guns, then logically he is saying that police officers are cowards.

Of course, he could fix this obvious hole in his logic by making exceptions. But then that would require him to acknowledge that not all people who carry guns are cowards, which would defeat his argument.

And everything else he said is basically in left field and completely irrelevant.


May-23-14 9:15 PM

bkaahui, you misstated the Major Premise, therefore your syllogism is invalid.

OneAikea is on track.


May-23-14 8:49 PM

Failure in logic.

"Cowards carry guns." "Police carry guns." "Therefore..."

Do you understand what logic is, or am I moving to quickly for you? Let me try it this way:

A = B A = C Therefore... B = C

If you say that only cowards carry guns, and you acknowledge that police carry guns, logically you are saying that police are cowards. Care to revise your argument?


May-22-14 9:17 PM

If I'm the coward, why are you the one who refuses to identify himself or meet in public? Afraid to be exposed as the coward that you are?


May-22-14 3:56 PM

Are the police cowards too Harry? Why do the need guns?


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