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Wandering in Babylon

May 25, 2014 - Harry Eagar
I was asked by someone I know well to watch this address from the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. I did.

I have said before that I got tired, living in Tennessee, of having strangers tell me I was immoral because I didn't believe in their religion. This guy is one of those; according to him, I am living a life of Babylonian sin.

And he -- his name is Robert George, and he is a rich, tenured professor at Princeton who has been appointed to several presidential commissions -- complains how tough it is to believe in his religion because we Babylonians have retarded him in his career, and exiled him socially for his faith.

You know what's really tough about being a Catholic, Professor George? Being an altar boy with a cute butt.


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May-29-14 6:14 PM

Mexico needs to fix their roads and road signs. Seems one wrong turn and a gun owner ends up running fast and furious and in trouble. The right wants the government to go in and get this person out. The libertarians don't want a government to interfere. No government, no people, by the people and for the people is needed. Dog eat dog. The right get in trouble only to have government bail them out.


May-29-14 2:02 PM

It would be more persuasive if you provided some examples of places with good road nets but small government.


May-29-14 12:38 AM

snowden admitted he worked for CIA. Let him come back to America and some CIA agent would have him in his cross hairs. If not President Putin finds this out, he may arrest snowden being in Russia as a spy.


May-29-14 12:37 AM

"At odds with an "out of control government that wants to regulate and dictate every aspect of our lives," West Maui preacher Bronson Kaahui is running for the Sixth District seat in the Hawaii Senate."

"Harry it takes faith to believe that without the government there would be no roads, just as it takes faith to believe that without God there would be no morality." bkaahui

Don't need a government candidate running for office on my tax dollars. I can lead myself to still waters. If there is no need for a government, no need for any candidates. No NEED FOR ANY POLITICIAN.


May-28-14 10:29 PM

Harry it takes faith to believe that without the government there would be no roads, just as it takes faith to believe that without God there would be no morality.


May-26-14 10:29 PM

Babylon is also where GIBBERISH was created. Stop a certain Tower of Babel from being built. Babbling or gibberish or rambling, same thing.

Now known as Iran.


May-26-14 6:33 PM

"Question: "Why did Edward Snowden have flee to Russia?"

Answer: He had the option of being free in Russia or being in prison in America for exposing government crimes. President Obama has prosecuted more government whistle blowers under the Espionage Act than every other president before him combined, including John Kiriakou who exposed Bush's illegal water boarding program.

Snowden sacrificed his career, his liberty, and basically his citizenship because he saw an injustice and decided to stand up for what he believed in. The Founders risked their lives and their fortunes for the same reason. Edward Snowden will be remembered in the history books as a defender of liberty, and this War on Whistleblowers will be a blight on President Obama's administration." Bronson Kaahui

snowden is a MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY. I understand he gets paid but even President Putin finds snowden a coward.


May-26-14 6:16 PM

So why should government help those with PTSD? Let them help themselves. PTSD veterans feel entitled to getting benefits when joining the Military for revenge and not to protect their country. Privilege to serve.

Practice what you preach. No matter what, people are the government and are at fault.

Entitled to opinions. First Amendment is Freedom of Speech, including GIBBERISH. Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. I have two. WE THE PEOPLE.

"that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Abraham Lincoln November 19, 1863"

No ethics is the persons fault and the Government's.


May-26-14 1:32 PM

Not for what they believe but for what they do, or, more often, don't do.

There's a difference between, say, investing in a transportation network and believing that a Big Spook will judge what you do after you are dead and punish you for, say, getting a divorce.


May-25-14 9:14 PM

I think you basically do the same thing to people who don't share your beliefs -- statism. Your views are largely indistinguishable from any other religion out there. You chastise government skeptics and constantly question their morality. If somebody doesn't agree with government providing a particular service, you automatically assume that they are opposed to that service being provided at all (ex: helping the poor, building roads, etc.).

I don't see how that is substantially different from when people tell you that you can't have morality without religion. You don't believe that morality comes from religion, I don't believe that morality comes from the government. You are an atheist to God, I am an atheist to the state. I think we share a common healthy skepticism, but we apply it differently.

The logic is identical. You believe people would still act morally and do things like help the poor without religion. I think people could still be moral without the state.


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