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Energy costs need to be fairly allocated to all

December 16, 2014  This is a response to The Maui News editorial on Dec. 10 (“Private systems are still needed”. more »»

PUC chairwoman shows a blatant disregard for law

December 14, 2014 I was intrigued by the Nov. 24 article headlined “Leadership of PUC in ‘holdover position. more »»

Warning issued about callers claiming to be IRS

December 14, 2014 Out of the blue today I received a phone call, allegedly from the Internal Revenue Service. Of course, the call threatened penalties unless I returned the call immediately. more »»

Term limits could serve to stop ship from sinking

December 14, 2014 Nobody wants to hear the words “Our boat is taking on water!” But it seems like our federal government is putting us in this position. more »»

Why isn’t repairing our own country a priority?

December 14, 2014 Folks like me continue to whine about the roads, bridges, levees, dams and harbors falling into dangerous disrepair. more »»

Is a new logo in the works for energy company?

December 10, 2014 I read with interest the proposed takeover of Hawaiian Electric companies by NextEra Energy (The Maui News, Dec. 4 and 7. more »»

Executive branch making a mockery of Constitution

December 10, 2014 Good God, now it is Operation Choke Point, another lawless obscenity from President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and the (in)Justice Department lunatics. more »»

Unfair prosecution result of failed war on drugs

December 10, 2014 I was saddened to learn of yet another victim in this failed and fading war on drugs, our insane prolonging of a destructive prohibition of a proved medical herb — cannabis. more »»

Discovering one’s own humanity a place to start

December 10, 2014 On Dec. 4, The Maui News printed a letter ending, “Call me a racist and I will continue to be until there is not longer black vs. white and everyone is just a human being and acts accordingly. more »»

An idea how to put old Matson containers to use

December 10, 2014 This is just an idea, maybe someone wrote about it already. But what if somebody or some group purchases some acres and puts old Matson containers on there and pimped them out to live in. more »»

Pick up trash as scheduled and stop with excuse

December 8, 2014 Once again Dec. 5, for about the 10th time since July, the Ulumalu Road trash collection has not been done. more »»

People should have the right to die on own terms

December 8, 2014 Right on to a Dec. 1 letter writer. The right to die topic is discussed freely in the senior community. more »»

New education board, superintendent called for

December 8, 2014 This is the year that we were promised that, as the No Child Left Behind program was implemented, all students would achieve at least an average score on a test of essential competencies. more »»

Victim of fall seeks to contact those who helped

December 8, 2014 I took a pretty bad fall Nov. 30 at in the Keopuolani Park parking lot. Several people stopped to ask if I was OK. But at least two people were pretty important. My face got busted up rather bad. more »»

Poisoning of the land should be investigated

December 7, 2014 I couldn’t believe the full-page thank-you ad in the Nov. 30 paper. “Maui County is a special place where we all care for the land and the people. more »»

County’s support for bike lanes is found lacking

December 7, 2014 I am an avid biker and always frustrated to find there aren’t enough bike lanes to ride safely throughout Maui Count. more »»

Quality adult day care services are being offered

December 7, 2014 The survey sponsored by AARP regarding services provided by Maui caregivers to their loved ones that appeared in The Maui News (Nov. 30) was very informative but incomplete. more »»

Much more to do to secure renewable energy future

December 7, 2014 Now that we have shown how passionate we can be about genetically modified organism, I’m hoping we can get that kind of support toward getting our renewable energy future secured for Mau. more »»

Letter about race should not have been printed

December 7, 2014 Shame on The Maui News for printing on Dec. 4 a letter from the guy who outed himself as a racist and said he was proud of it. more »»

Avoid price gouging by buying via the Internet

December 5, 2014 Too bad we can’t buy gasoline on the Internet. I asked a local source the price of an item I needed and was quoted $28. more »»



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