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Passing initiative would bring long-term problems

October 27, 2014 My dad worked to find solutions before creating new problems. My grandparents taught me to be kind and put others first. Our people make this place special. Island ohana span generations. more »»

Desperate ads suggest companies afraid of studies

October 27, 2014 It’s no wonder innocent people are confused about the genetically modified organism moratorium when the media has been saturated with Monsanto-sponsored ads seemingly designed to frighten and deceive. more »»

SHAKA’s claims are making a mockery of the truth

October 27, 2014 It should be apparent to anyone with an open mind that Maui’s genetically modified organism controversy is not subject to the normal rules of scientific inquiry. more »»

Testing of GMOs known to have many deficiencies

October 27, 2014 Genetically modified organism risk assessment has shown very little scientific evidence. Testing methods recommended have not been adequate to ensure safety. See more »»

Do not gamble with people’s lives; vote ‘yes’

October 27, 2014 Confused? Feeling the tug-of-war on the Monsanto and genetically modified food issue — like me? Then ask yourself good, honest, intelligent questions. more »»

None of attacks on her are true, says candidate

October 27, 2014 Recently, my wife and I each received that card which viciously attacks Elle Cochran sent out by Forward Progress, which is one of those PACs supporting her opponent in this election. more »»

How long will we be GMO companies’ guinea pigs?

October 27, 2014 The Oct. 19 editorial assumes that genetically modified organisms are safe because the federal government hasn’t acted against them. more »»

Aiona was chief architect in starting Drug Court

October 27, 2014 Terrific story on Steven Tyler (The Maui News, Oct. 17) delivering graduation message to grads of the Maui Drug Court. more »»

Cast your votes for a more bipartisan Congress

October 27, 2014 Your vote for the U.S. House and Senate will affect congressional bipartisanship in a way rarely mentioned in political advertisements. more »»

Don’t count on federal government for protection

October 27, 2014 The reasoning in The Oct. 19 Maui News editorial is absurd. more »»

Poorly written legislation a recipe for lawsuits

October 27, 2014 One thing this anti-genetically modified organism movement has done is flush out the hysterical/conspiracy/illogical thinkers. There are ways to go about regulating pesticides as well as GMOs. more »»

Cochran represents the people and protects Maui

October 27, 2014 This letter is in support of Council Member Elle Cochran. She has stood strong for us; never selling out and always representing us people and protecting Maui. more »»

Toxic releases by GMO companies need to be tested

October 27, 2014 The Oct. 19 Maui News editorial treats the Maui voter initiative on the ballot as being about whether or not eating genetically modified organism food is safe. more »»

Moratorium flawed, but still deserves ‘yes’ vote

October 26, 2014 As a gardener who has relied on composting for 25 years, I must comment on the genetically modified organism debate. Like many, I wish the wording was bette. more »»

Big money, dirty politics are not wanted on Maui

October 26, 2014 What a shame to see dirty politics here on our island. When I receive these expensive fliers slamming Elle Cochran, I am more apt to vote for her. more »»

GMO initiative is not right for several reasons

October 26, 2014 To GMO or not to? First off, if you don’t want genetically modified organism food, buy organic. Or are people too stupid to figure that out? The GMO bill is not right for several reasons. more »»

We need a labeling law, not the GMO initiative

October 26, 2014 Is it just me, or is there a lack of common sense when it comes to the genetically modified organism ban initiative? It’s apparent to just about everyone that the initiative is too broad, too vague,... more »»

With three exceptions, vote the incumbents out

October 26, 2014 I’m not planning on voting for too many incumbents in the Nov. 4 election, but I will be casting one for nonpartisan Council Members Mike White, Bob Carroll and Don Couch. more »»



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