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Politicians know how to use gullibility of voters

November 2, 2014 Regarding an Oct. 27 letter: The writer is so correct about “most voters are ignorant and gullible.” This is so true for the biggest majority of our voters in the county and state. more »»

SHAKA Movement is fueled by hatred, not by facts

November 2, 2014 SHAKA Movement says the initiative applies only to Monsanto and Dow. Not true. The initiative repeatedly states that it applies to any person, and that means every person in Maui County. more »»

Where is voter information in Hawaiian language?

November 2, 2014 I am writing to discuss the propriety of this election. There are two official languages in the State of Hawaii — English and Hawaiian. more »»

Vote ‘yes’ to allow choice to consume raw milk

November 2, 2014 Vote “yes” on HB 4307 and HB 4038. Please allow the commerce of a food that has been scientifically and statistically shown to be one of the safest foods known to humans. more »»

Don’t let corporation control health; vote ‘yes’

November 2, 2014 If you think a multinational chemical corporation — with net sales of $15 billion in 2013, with a history of exposing millions of people and landscapes to Agent Orange, DEET and PCBs with a promise... more »»

Electing same people means we get what we deserve

November 2, 2014 The run-up to the elections has our council members promising the same things they have always promised — fixing the water issue, affordable housing, jobs and diversifying the economy. more »»

Term limits are not meant to be circumvented

November 2, 2014 I read with interest both the story on the two Mikes (The Maui News, Oct. 26) and the supplement on the campaign. more »»

Throw the incumbents out; time for a new crop

November 2, 2014 None of the incumbents care about genetically modified organisms (with the exception of Elle Cochran). None of them care about cane burning. None of them care that pesticides are killing the reef. more »»

Most of workers in GMO jobs aren’t even from here

November 2, 2014 Turns out most of the genetically modified organism jobs declared to be in danger are not held by Maui folks. more »»

Bill targets more than just chemical companies

November 2, 2014 I urge everyone to read the bill regarding the genetically modified organism issue on the Nov. 4 ballo. more »»

Independent studies needed on chemical content

November 2, 2014 I strongly believe that our genetically modified organism battle requires peaceful resolution and independent scientific studies. more »»

Reject this GMO initiative and write a better one

November 2, 2014 As we approach the final days of watching the plethora of TV endorsements of worthy candidates, we also have the genetically modified organism issue to deal with, which is the gorilla in the room fo... more »»

Put burden of proof where it belongs: on Monsanto

November 2, 2014 A pro-genetically modified organism letter writer (Oct. 29) stated: “Science and truth should always trump fear and personal feelings.” I completely agree. more »»

Three women warriors for aina deserve support

November 2, 2014 This election, I am voting for three women who are aina warriors. They are willing to stand up in integrity for the aina. more »»

Vote ‘yes’ and against the takeover of our rights

November 2, 2014 This is a reminder that voting “no” on the measure is a vote to allow Monsanto, and the rest of the corporate entities trying to get us to let them do as they please without regard for our culture... more »»

Jobs may be lost, but poisoning must be stopped

November 2, 2014 Lanai genetically modified organism rally attendees were lied to. Urging people to vote “no” on the Maui farming ban without telling you what it says is a trick. more »»

Nationwide day highlights need for civility

November 1, 2014 Can you go one day without being snarky? That was the test and the goal of the nationwide Snark Free Day on Oct. 21. more »»

Vote for White and Paltin for the good of animals

November 1, 2014 If you care about animals and their welfare, please vote for Mike White for Maui County Council and Tamara Paltin for mayor. more »»

Doing the right thing not always easy; vote ‘yes’

November 1, 2014 It seems The Maui News has forgotten that our democracy is governed by the people and not the feds. Shame on it for publishing this full-page opinion. The full-page letter, posted on Oct. more »»

What are experiments with chemicals doing to Maui?

November 1, 2014 Monsanto has several test fields here on Maui. Three security fences, top-secret experiments going on back there. No transparency. more »»



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