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Stop human rights abuses in fishing industry slavery

April 2, 2015 I have never read a more depressing news story than The Associated Press report on slave-caught fishing in Benjina, Indonesia (Maui News, March 26). more »»

Co-pilots earn less than airline ground crew

April 2, 2015 People all over the world were shocked and saddened by the crash of an A320 into the French Alps. more »»

Rooftop solar shouldn’t be scapegoat for HECO

April 1, 2015 Hawaiian Electric Co. has been promoting an unfairness campaign, touting homeowners with rooftop solar panels are not supporting grid infrastructure, stating nonsolar users have to pay the difference. more »»

Benefits seen in using Maui residents as guinea pigs

April 1, 2015 There are numerous benefits to our community as our local government allows Monsanto to continue open-field spraying of restricted-use pesticides on the residents and aina of Mau. more »»

Celebration on Maui a truly memorable one

March 31, 2015 Over the past 25 years my wife and I have traveled all over the United States. To celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary and 70th birthday, we took our first visit to beautiful Maui. more »»

Devil is in the details of mayor’s budget

March 31, 2015 Since the taxpayer is bearing the expense, the County Council and the taxpayers have to ask two questions about each item in the mayor’s budge. more »»

Waste-to-power project is poorly conceived

March 31, 2015 The mayor is immensely proud of a “contract” he has signed for a $50 million-$100 million monstrosity that will be built in Puunene. more »»

Whom are our elected officials serving?

March 31, 2015 Sometimes words are spoken by our elected officials that make me wonder whom they are actually serving. more »»

Property tax system needs overhaul

March 29, 2015 With the Maui County Council budget discussions beginning March 31, the Committee for More Equitable Taxation poses a question: Will the Maui County Council ever fund a comprehensive study to... more »»

Speak up to protect children, Sen. Baker

March 29, 2015 I just saw state Sen. Roz Baker’s post about the American Cancer Society coming by her office to talk story. I agree with her — let’s work together to make sure that this is cancer’s last century. more »»

Anti county ag regulation bills should be defeated

March 29, 2015 There are bills before the Legislature that seek to take away the right of a county in Hawaii to pass any legislation regulating agriculture, House Bill 849 and Senate Bill 986. more »»

Please show respect; print news with care, respect

March 29, 2015 My heart goes out to the family of Ms. Carly “Charli” Scott. I was offended deeply when seeing the headlines of The Maui News featuring her case. more »»

Gary Moore would want to continue parade tradition

March 29, 2015 Topic: Staging of the horse units at the Veterans Cemetery in Makawao for the 50th Anniversary of the Makawao Town 4th of July Parad. more »»

Membership in HFUU offers many benefits

March 29, 2015 I had the good fortune and pleasure to participate in an impressive class on Korean Natural Farming here on Maui recently. more »»

Early bird did not get best Diana Ross concert seats

March 29, 2015 Like many others who are avid concertgoers, I got up early to get in line for Diana Ross tickets. Arriving at 7:15 a.m. there were about 15 people ahead of me. When the box office opened at 10 a.. more »»

Archivists panel could settle Hillary Clinton email dispute

March 29, 2015 A tremendous amount of time, money and effort has been expended to date and much more will be wasted in the future in an effort to determine which of Hillary Clinton’s emails were private and which... more »»

Moratorium delay, health news about cancer, at odds

March 27, 2015 Two recent articles in the morning paper caught my attention. The first one quoted Judge Susan Oki Mollway, regarding the GMO ballot initiative’s delay, that she “ . . . more »»

Popular vote is the only one that should count

March 27, 2015 Lately there has been a lot of discussion about “forced” voting. That is really not the point. You can always cast a “blank” vote. more »»

Delay harms integrity of local political process

March 27, 2015 Regarding three recent articles in The Maui News: Judge Susan Oki Mollway delayed the implementation of a moratorium on the farming of GMO crops. more »»

Judging Obama presidency is an exercise in futility

March 26, 2015 Recent letters to the editor trying to assess Barack Obama’s presidency are an exercise in futility. We are too close to the event to make an objective evaluation. more »»



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