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Real issue in GMO debate comes down to choices

March 3, 2014 As the Great GMO Debate rages on, with each side claiming the other should check their facts before getting into the fray, the real issue at hand is being overlooked. more »»

Ing’s priority list missing more important issues

March 3, 2014 I, like many Kihei residents, received a postcard from Rep. Kaniela Ing titled “Make Your Concerns, My Priority,” listing five choices. more »»

Editorial missed the mark on U.S. defense budget

March 3, 2014 The Feb. 25 editorial about the U.S. defense budget was seemingly written by a Dick Cheney confrere. It’s the neocon argument that the U.S. be a new Sparta. more »»

Liens need to be removed

March 2, 2014 The County of Maui holds a recorded lien on thousands of properties in Maui County which have no formula or ceiling for assessments to property owners. more »»

Prayers go out to families of plane crash victims

March 2, 2014 Sending you our prayers of love and sympathy to the families and all of our county planners during this time of grief and tragic loss. Our community honors all of you. more »»

County Council is on right path with smoking ban

March 2, 2014 The recent actions of the Maui County Council to possibly move forward with prohibiting smoking on our county beaches and parks is truly welcomed by a large majority of county residents and visitors... more »»

Council member misleading on county workers’ pay

March 2, 2014 This is in response to Council Member Mike White’s comments in the Feb. 23 “Chair’s 3 Minutes” column about county wages and salaries. more »»

Graffiti culprit shows no respect for Lahaina

March 1, 2014 Lahaina is one of the most unique little towns in the world. People come from all over the world to see our little whaling villag. more »»

Little has changed as sand continues to be taken

March 1, 2014 Regarding the sand and dunes restoration project on South Kihei Road: It’s been a while since I’ve written about this subject but I write again because not only does the sand continue to be hauled... more »»

Republicans don’t really believe what they say

March 1, 2014 Republicans do not really believe in limited government, individual liberty or economic freedom. If they did, then they would unquestionably support marijuana legalization. more »»

Door is open for change to a no-kill philosophy

February 27, 2014 With the departure of the chief executive officer at the Maui Humane Society (The Maui News, Feb. 22) there is a real opportunity to start anew and embrace 21st-century animal control methods. more »»

Homeless people blocking public access to beach

February 27, 2014 A group of homeless people has taken over Waihee Beach Park again. They have blocked access to the beach and are running electric extension cords from the public restrooms to their encampment. more »»

Science needs to strive to work with the sacred

February 27, 2014 While recently traveling I had an informative conversation with a Mayan shaman who is a direct descendant from the lineage of guardians of the Mayan calenda. more »»

Money is the god for greedy, arrogant company

February 27, 2014 If Monsanto is so proud of its genetically modified organisms, why wouldn’t it consent to labeling? I hope that the public sees that corporations like Monsanto don’t care about our health, the healt... more »»

Changes needed within educational system

February 26, 2014 Exciting and innovative initiatives have recently materialized within Hawaii’s Department of Education School system. more »»

Maui still a safe place despite racist incident

February 26, 2014 Maui racist threatens family in Kalama Park — YouTube video gone viral around the world. Not a good headline for any state or county. more »»

Checking up on progress of belt road through Hana

February 26, 2014 In the Feb. 23 Maui News in the section titled “Looking Back Through The Maui News,” the first entry was: 100 Years Ago, 1914 — “The belt road should be completed right through Hana. more »»

Easier way to find VIN number without squinting

February 26, 2014 For all of the people complaining about the new safety stickers giving car thieves an easy way to steal a vehicle, here’s what I would like for you to do: Take a stroll up toward the front of your... more »»

Future of agriculture on Maui being put at risk

February 26, 2014 Is Maui trying to re-create the Salem Witch Trials? Or just plain McCarthy-era kangaroo courts? Or is it just plain mass hysteria Maui style? In this country we are presumed innocent until proved,... more »»

Utility transitioning for the future

February 25, 2014 Faced with high electric bills due largely to oil prices, many of our customers at the Hawaiian Electric companies are understandably turning to solar to reduce their costs. more »»



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