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GMO initiative is not right for several reasons

October 26, 2014 To GMO or not to? First off, if you don’t want genetically modified organism food, buy organic. Or are people too stupid to figure that out? The GMO bill is not right for several reasons. more »»

We need a labeling law, not the GMO initiative

October 26, 2014 Is it just me, or is there a lack of common sense when it comes to the genetically modified organism ban initiative? It’s apparent to just about everyone that the initiative is too broad, too vague,... more »»

With three exceptions, vote the incumbents out

October 26, 2014 I’m not planning on voting for too many incumbents in the Nov. 4 election, but I will be casting one for nonpartisan Council Members Mike White, Bob Carroll and Don Couch. more »»

Research proving safety of GMOs is abundant

October 26, 2014 Proving the safety of genetically modified organisms is like proving the birthplace of Barack Obama. Those who don’t want to believe never will be convinced. more »»

Take a stand and put a stop to their poisoning

October 26, 2014 First they killed our fish and eagles with DDT. Then they poisoned us with Agent Orange and PCBs. With their genetically modified organisms and poisons they’re slowly killing nature. more »»

Initiative is confusing, broad and poorly written

October 26, 2014 Please vote “no” on the Maui initiative. I don’t support Monsanto. And I love locally grown produce. However, this initiative is poorly written. Too broad and very confusing. more »»

Republicans the only group that can save Hawaii

October 26, 2014 If there was ever a time to do something for your state, Hawaii, now is the time. more »»

Lies must mean that there is something to hide

October 26, 2014 “Yes” on the voter initiative. A storm of lies is sweeping over Maui and has everyone confused. Millions of dollars are being spent on combating a nonexisting farming ban. more »»

Toxic chemicals are poisoning our aina and ohana

October 26, 2014 I have been called every insulting name in the book in the last month by the “vote no” fanatics — idiot, crackpot, anarchist, haole, elitist and stupid. more »»

We should be celebrating the advantages of GMOs

October 25, 2014 For those interested in both sides of the genetically modified organism issues, please, please read the October issue of National Geographic. more »»

Research serves to debunk Chicken Little claims

October 25, 2014 In the Oct. 14 letters, I read another scathing attack on glyphosphate, the active ingredient in Roundup and other herbicides, claiming to be science. more »»

Lingle, Aiona not to blame for teacher furloughs

October 25, 2014 I just watched an advertisement regarding a statement on the upcoming elections bashing Linda Lingle regarding the teacher furloughs that occurred during her administration and stated that Duke Aion... more »»

Proposed moratorium is hardly a temporary one

October 25, 2014 The genetically modified organism initiative states that the moratorium will last “until such time that the terms of the Moratorium Amendment or Repeal (Section 6) have been me. more »»

Immigration is about family; it’s time for reform

October 25, 2014 Our country faces unparalleled difficulties with immigration. The parties find very little to connect on, and a great deal to widen the chas. more »»

Fair needs a makeover lest it fade into history

October 25, 2014 The Maui Fair is due for a face-lift. “Nothing new, exciting or even noteworthy” is the line most commonly heard among longtime fairgoers I happened to run into while munching a Flying Saucer. more »»

Initiative is a threat to local jobs; vote ‘no’

October 25, 2014 I please ask the citizens of Maui County to cast a “no” vote on the Maui County initiative. This initiative will threaten hundreds of local jobs. more »»

Misguided initiative would harm Maui farming

October 25, 2014 Agriculture has been a part of Maui County since its earliest days and it has helped to define who we are as a people. more »»

Math not there to support GMO conspiracy theories

October 24, 2014 For one second let’s assume that all of the allegations made by activists against big ag are true. Let’s assume that genetically modified organism crops are truly harmful to you and to the land. more »»

Company seeks to control seeds of living foods

October 24, 2014 Social crimes have always disturbed me. At first I thought that my reaction was anger — a reflexive, vital, emotional reaction. more »»



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