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Maui Lu redevelopment provides chance for forward-looking planning in South Maui

February 24, 2015 It seems apparent that most people agree Kihei was poorly planned or perhaps just unplanned. more »»

Moped engine size determines road usage

February 24, 2015 In response to the Feb. 20 letter writer asking about mopeds: Whether a moped can use the bike lanes depends on the size of the moped’s engine. more »»

Condo, nonprofit boards need better governance

February 24, 2015 Maui has a space problem but not about rooms. It’s about newspapers. With the growing list of events here, there is little space for other important matters. more »»

Extreme right’s allegations won’t sway moderates

February 24, 2015 Since The Maui News is publishing letters (Feb. 19) that merely express agreement with other letters (Feb. 15), let me defend my thoughts from my Feb. 8 letter regarding President Obama. The Fe. more »»

Don’t teach youngsters gibberish in math class

February 22, 2015 Regarding the Feb. more »»

Rocks will come down sooner or later at Hookipa

February 22, 2015 At the entrance to Hookipa park going downhill is an old wall with many loose rock. more »»

Carroll was a courageous champion of the disabled

February 22, 2015 Mele Carroll will long be remembered by her many supporters on Maui, Lanai and Molokai for her contributions to the environment, the Hawaiian culture and to those in the disability community. more »»

Trampling religious beliefs is wrong; can be dangerous

February 22, 2015 The first incident involving satirical cartoons occurred in 2007. more »»

Support for NextEra might be premature

February 20, 2015 In response to a few letters welcoming NextEra’s purchase of Maui Electric, I wonder if the enthusiasm might be premature. more »»

Bus driver unhappy with MEO baseyard

February 20, 2015 I just wanted to express my concerns on Maui Economic Opportunity’s new baseyard. I am upset with management and whoever the people are that are dragging their behinds on this project. more »»

Overdevelopment is ruining Valley Isle

February 20, 2015 It so sad to see what has happened to Maui. My wife and I first came to Maui in July 1968. I was on rest and relaxation leave from Vietnam. We fell in love with it. more »»

What are rules of the road for moped use?

February 20, 2015 It seems that there is a problem with mopeds or whatever you will call them. more »»

NextEra needs to be watched closely

February 19, 2015 NextEra is our next corporate devil to watch closely. Known to existing utility customers as Next Error and Next Terror. Watch for the billion-dollar extension cord to Oahu. more »»

Pesticide use needed now for fire ant eradication

February 19, 2015 Thank you, Maui Invasive Species Committee, for your dedication and expertise! To all those worried about the toxic pesticides being sprayed on fire ants in Nahiku, here are the current Maui choices... more »»

Consider political spectrum when choosing our leaders

February 19, 2015 Today, we view the political spectrum as liberalism on the left and conservatism on the right, with the extremes being communism on the left and fascism on the right. more »»

Movie theaters not close to being OK

February 19, 2015 I agree with the comments of a Feb. 15 letter writer. Our movie theaters are not close to being OK. They are all in need of cleaning and upgrading, an embarrassment to say the very leas. more »»

Meritorious may describe road to Hana

February 19, 2015 In the Feb. 16 article “Haiku man launches . . . book of photos . . . ,” the road to Hana might be meritorious, but it’s not “meretorious. more »»

Writer agrees with letter about Obama

February 19, 2015 This is in response to the writer on Feb. 15 who wrote: “Obama’s defenders fail to see who he really is.” I wish I had written that “letter,” it was so right on. more »»

Reader looks forward to Pulliam’s articles

February 18, 2015 Michael Pulliam’s article on “Seeing red in ‘The Crucible,’ ” (Maui Scene, Feb. 12) is an excellent example of the narrative history surrounding the play by Arthur Miller. more »»

Experiment would show how thought is an energy

February 18, 2015 An interesting experiment would include the following: Schoolchildren would be shown parts of films in different languages, without English subtitles. more »»



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