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Two candidates skirting the law on term limits

October 21, 2014 The Maui County Charter states that “no member of the county council shall serve more than five consecutive full terms of office. more »»

Vote should be for a labeling law, not for a ban

October 21, 2014 Fact versus fiction, logic versus emotion. Fact is that, worldwide, genetically modified organisms are an accepted although regulated science and farming methodolog. more »»

Tomorrow may be too late, time to pray is today

October 21, 2014 It is time to pray and humble ourselves. Lord, begin with me. Please forgive me for my iniquities and shortcomings. more »»

Vote ‘yes’ and kick the big money out of Maui

October 21, 2014 The missionaries keep coming back. The first ones came here with the fear of God to control the people. Now the fear of jobs being lost is the too. more »»

Maui County deliberately chosen as a GE test site

October 21, 2014 There are some shortsighted and uninformed people in Maui County that remain focused on everything but the actual issue that the genetically modified organism ballot initiative addresses. more »»

Hawaiians came together to achieve worthy goal

October 21, 2014 Many endeavors improve with age and application, and the Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce is one such undertaking. On Oct. more »»

Time to normalize relations between U.S. and Cuba

October 21, 2014 Like a petulant child who didn’t get its way, the United States, through a senseless embargo, has chosen to pout for 50 years over Cuba’s right to choose communism as its form of governmen. more »»

Vote ‘yes’ to healthy future with GMO moratorium

October 21, 2014 The decision to vote “yes” on the genetically modified organism moratorium is basically a vote for a healthier future on Maui. more »»

Initiative has morphed beyond its original intent

October 21, 2014 When the anti-genetically modified organism movement was initiated a while back, I believed it was focused on protecting the right of personal choice by demanding that products be properly labeled,... more »»

GMO products are not fit for human consumption

October 21, 2014 As someone who used to work in the biotech industry, I urge all Maui County voters to support the moratorium on genetically modified organism crops. more »»

Voters need to understand agricultural issues on ballot

October 20, 2014 Hawaii voters will be faced with many important decisions relating to agriculture in the Nov. 4 electio. more »»

Maui residents are being gouged by gas prices

October 20, 2014 One thing I don’t understand is the price of gas here on Maui. Gas had been at $4.39 over here in Lahaina when gas on the open market (such as on the stock market) was $3.02. more »»

Voters are urged not to be swayed by propaganda

October 20, 2014 History is definitely repeating itself. Without sounding too simplistic, the sins that toppled some of history’s greatest governments are now taking shape in and taking hold of USA. more »»

Vote for those who will change backward system

October 20, 2014 Our hospital is underfunded and cutting services. We had a fully funded new state-of-the-art hospital ready to go, and our legislators stopped it from happening. more »»

Anti-GMO graffiti being cleaned up by seniors

October 19, 2014 As the president of the Lahaina-Honolua Senior Citizens’ Club, I, along with members of our club and many Lahaina residents, were saddened and distressed to wake up recently to find anti-GMO... more »»

Clerks make departments run seamlessly

October 19, 2014 In response to an Oct. more »»

Bees could be telling us something about GMOs

October 19, 2014 In the current debate about potential harm of genetically modified organisms, little has been mentioned locally about what is happening with bees, our primary pollinator. more »»

Attend next KCA meeting to hear from candidates

October 19, 2014 Is there anyone in the county who believes that everything our county government does is fine? OK, unlike that guy, most of us see room for improvement and proposed changes, but how does one effect... more »»

GMO manufacturers aiming to take over farming

October 19, 2014 There have been multiple references to the fact that the European Union has banned genetically modified organism foods but nobody has said why. more »»

Clerks worth even more than they are asking for

October 19, 2014 A letter on Oct. 1 was submitted by a community member who believes in the cause of equal pay for equal worth. An Oct. 8 letter writer responded, and I would like a chance to respond as well. more »»



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