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Another nail in the coffin of waste-to-energy plan

April 28, 2016 For over three years a working group of recycling operators, advocates and others have commented on what we see as a bad deal for Maui County. more »»

Donald Trump cannot be more ‘presidential’

April 28, 2016 Donald Trump — brash, boastful, confrontational, misogynistic, profane — said he would change his persona to become more “presidential. more »»

Nowhere does Christianity say to belittle other beliefs

April 27, 2016 A letter published on April 20 made me wonder if the author is just misinformed or confused. He said, “Christianity and Islam . . . encourage intolerance of other faiths. more »»

WWII Water Wars a fun way to explore history

April 27, 2016 While I can appreciate that the water balloon battle at Doris Todd Christian Academy gave an April 19 letter writer “a lot of food for thought,” that’s where it should have stayed — a thought. more »»

Pricing food at premium for visitors discourages them

April 27, 2016 We are visiting the paradise of Maui from Australia for a week. more »»

Hokama ignores request to put amendment on agenda

April 27, 2016 The fight continues to have something done about the salary repricin. more »»

TSA precheck office closes before flight

April 27, 2016 I read the April 22 story of people missing their flights to the Mainland after waiting in the TSA line for hours at Kahului. more »»

House Bill 1072 is a safe solution to mental health care crisis on Maui

April 26, 2016 Our community is in a state of mental health crisi. more »»

Suggestions about how to raise taxes not appreciated

April 26, 2016 I just wanted to say this about Tom Yamachika’s article in The Maui News about raising taxes (Opinion, April 6). People on Maui are struggling to make ends meet. more »»

Join efforts to improve the welfare of animals

April 26, 2016 “You can judge the morality of a nation by the way the society treats its animals. more »»

Allodial title criterion is found in Levitical precepts

April 26, 2016 Jesus personifies the essence of Hawaiian culture: Love. Hawaiians worshiped I‘o — Jehovah prior to the Tahitian invasion. David Malo recognized the similarities of Hawaiian and Jewish customs. more »»

Olowalu was the wrong location for development

April 26, 2016 Great to hear that the developers proposing to develop Olowalu have withdrawn their plans (The Maui News, April 19). more »»

Maui Electric Co. is ready for the next energy transformation

April 24, 2016 In 1881, the first electric lights in Hawaii lit up right here on Maui at the Spreckels Mill, or what we know today as Spreckelsville. more »»

Hillary’s proposal regarding gun makers defies logic

April 24, 2016 If I buy a handgun and it explodes in my hand, under current law I can and should be able to sue the gun manufacturer for producing a defective product. more »»

Maui News writer is gone but not forgotten

April 24, 2016 I have always held Ron Youngblood in high esteem. He is gone, but I will always remember him, not only for his great writings but because he was such a great guy. more »»

To treat war as a game does a serious disservice

April 24, 2016 I was pleased to see in the April 19 Letters section that someone else was disturbed by the Doris Todd Christian Academy’s reenactment of a World War II battle (The Maui News, April 2). more »»

Handmade kite flying event was a success

April 24, 2016 The sky filled with high-flying colorful kites on April 16 was quite spectacular. Watching entire families participating in this free event was only part of the enjoyment for me as a spectato. more »»

Personal property rights are not an absolute

April 24, 2016 Lots of people and groups have been adding their 2 cents’ worth to the issue of the vacant 36,000 acre. more »»

Maui residents need to learn how to drive

April 24, 2016 I just visited your beautiful island. The people everywhere were wonderful. However, there is one huge problem — your residents need to learn how to drive. more »»

Alternatives to prison not helping some criminals

April 21, 2016 The court system here in Maui is seriously broken. It seems as if here in Maui, it’s OK to steal cars, sell drugs, steal from people’s homes. more »»



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