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Shutdown of seed farms would prove destructive

November 3, 2014 The Maui County initiative is going to cost our county hundreds of millions of dollars over the near term if the seed farms are forced to shut down. more »»

Science has reached no consensus on GMO safety

November 3, 2014 Genetically modified organism are far from benign. more »»

Why wasn’t campaign money spent on Maui?

November 3, 2014 The opponents of the anti-genetically modified organism initiative say that the loss of 500 jobs in Maui County would hurt our economy. more »»

Spend money on testing instead of on campaign

November 3, 2014 What’s wrong with a temporary ban on growing genetically modified organisms until the safety of these new organisms and the chemicals used with them is proved? Nothing, that’s wha. more »»

While feeding us manure, they clean up the money

November 3, 2014 Let’s face it: Big-money companies don’t come here because they’re trying to save jobs. They’re here to clean up. Money that is, not manure. Manure is what they’re feeding u. more »»

Insensitive ad is typical of anti-GMO campaign

November 3, 2014 The Maui Tomorrow ad in the Oct. 30 Maui News regarding the genetically modified organism initiative hit a new low. more »»

Force companies to prove they are not doing harm

November 3, 2014 Consumer Reports’ November 2014 issue says: “There haven’t been sufficient studies done to determine whether there are long-term health risks for people eating GMO foods. more »»

Word is going worldwide about poisoning of Maui

November 3, 2014 The word is out all over the world. Maui’s aina, air and ocean are being poisoned by harsh chemicals. The tourist, real estate, hotel and wedding industries will all tank. more »»

Flowers are being removed too early at cemetery

November 2, 2014 My frustration is due to the mistreatment and unsatisfactory services received from the staff at Maui Memorial Park. This has been a battle over the past five years, since the passing of my son. more »»

Free outrigger canoe trips show the aloha spirit

November 2, 2014 My wife and I have been long-term annual visitors to Maui for several decades and spend most of our mornings enjoying water activities on Wailea Beach. We were present on Oc. more »»

No matter political beliefs, cartoon in bad taste

November 2, 2014 I think it was in extremely poor taste in printing the cartoon on Oct. 29. You cannot call someone insane because of their last name, no matter what your political beliefs are. more »»

Election information should be offered for free

November 2, 2014 As I work to be a reasonable and informed voter, I research the candidates and questions up for a vote. I was dismayed to find relevant information on The Maui News website blocked for subscription. more »»

Monsanto could have given money to farmers instead

November 2, 2014 Finally, thanks for the article on the Oct. 29 front page. With the money Monsanto paid out in buying the vote it could have given 400 farmers $20,000. more »»

Hazards of cane smoke greater than those of GMOs

November 2, 2014 Woke up the morning of Oct. 27 to a slowly moving cloud of cane smoke. If anyone wonders what is more a danger to our health, genetically modified organisms or cane burning, take a deep breath. more »»

Poorly written ordinance invites legal troubles

November 2, 2014 Everyone is getting confused. Passions for the issue are extreme. Both sides say the other is lying. more »»

Politicians know how to use gullibility of voters

November 2, 2014 Regarding an Oct. 27 letter: The writer is so correct about “most voters are ignorant and gullible.” This is so true for the biggest majority of our voters in the county and state. more »»

SHAKA Movement is fueled by hatred, not by facts

November 2, 2014 SHAKA Movement says the initiative applies only to Monsanto and Dow. Not true. The initiative repeatedly states that it applies to any person, and that means every person in Maui County. more »»

Where is voter information in Hawaiian language?

November 2, 2014 I am writing to discuss the propriety of this election. There are two official languages in the State of Hawaii — English and Hawaiian. more »»

Vote ‘yes’ to allow choice to consume raw milk

November 2, 2014 Vote “yes” on HB 4307 and HB 4038. Please allow the commerce of a food that has been scientifically and statistically shown to be one of the safest foods known to humans. more »»

Don’t let corporation control health; vote ‘yes’

November 2, 2014 If you think a multinational chemical corporation — with net sales of $15 billion in 2013, with a history of exposing millions of people and landscapes to Agent Orange, DEET and PCBs with a promise... more »»



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