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Common sense and health care

May 19, 2015 Almost exactly a year ago, state legislators were assailing Michael Gold, president of the Hawaii Medical Service Association, for suggesting that Hawaii didn’t need a health insurance exchange... more »»

Catalyst for change

May 17, 2015 There are a few Supreme Court rulings that are so significant that virtually everyone who attended school has heard of them: * Marbury v. more »»

Our data at risk

May 15, 2015 Computer usage has become so ubiquitous that it is impossible for many of us to imagine a modern world without these handy tools. They sit on our desktops and power our televisions. more »»

12 things you need to ignore

May 14, 2015 One of the problems with the Internet age is there are a lot of Web pages that have to be fille. more »»

Troubling report

May 13, 2015 Several news organizations had stories Tuesday on a Pew Research Center report that showed a decline in religious affiliation in general — and Christianity, in particular — in the United States. more »»

Longevity and reality

May 12, 2015 People are living longer today — a lot longer. Whether it is because of better medical care or healthier lifestyles, today’s population is living a lot longer than its parents or grandparent. more »»

Celebrating Mother’s Day

May 10, 2015 “One bright and guiding light “That taught me wrong from right “I found in my mother’s eyes . . . “God’s gift sent from above “One real unselfish love “I found in my mother’s eyes. more »»

The gates are wide open

May 8, 2015 Well, we have Bridgegate for Chris Christie, Servergate and Donorgate for Hillary Clinton, and Boringgate for the rest of the 2016 presidential field. more »»

Anniversary of V-E Day

May 7, 2015 Friday is the 70th celebration of Victory in Europe. May 8, 1945, is marked as the day that Germany surrendered, when the Nazis laid down their arms ending the European part of World War II. more »»

Learning from JFK

May 6, 2015 “Let us not despair but act. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer. more »»

Boys’ Day, a tradition

May 5, 2015 May 5 is an opportunity for all of Maui to enjoy a cultural contribution to the island’s calendar of special days. more »»

Kudos on bill passage

May 3, 2015 The entire Maui delegation to the Hawaii state Legislature deserves commendation for the passage of House Bill 1075, the bill that allows for a public-private partnership for our region of the Hawai... more »»

The meanings of May Day

May 1, 2015 Today is May Day. more »»

We’re broke, they’re loaded

April 30, 2015 As Maui waits to see what becomes of its hospital, Maui Memorial Medical Center, it is hard not to wonder about the disconnect between our real world and the business of medicine. more »»

A strange intervention

April 29, 2015 Tuesday night, a state House-Senate conference committee agreed on a bill that would allow the Maui Region of Hawaii Health Service Corp. more »»

Inspiring students

April 28, 2015 A Gallup Poll of 30,000 college graduates last year found that “name-brand” schools don’t produce happier lives or more success than good old generic one. more »»

Another look at politics

April 26, 2015 There is a tendency to look at history — particularly at our historical heroes — through rose-colored glasses. more »»

Attend the HHSC meeting

April 24, 2015 We would urge everyone to attend Tuesday evening’s public meeting of the Maui Region of Hawaii Health Systems Corp. The topic is the budget cut facing Maui Memorial Medical Center in fiscal year 2016. more »»

Random thoughts

April 23, 2015 Thursday odds and ends: Getting the chair: Wow, we finally got a chance last weekend to try one of those new trim seats Hawaiian Airlines is installing on its Boeing 717s for interisland flights. more »»

Molested yet again

April 22, 2015 Our legal system has a strange bent to it. Some statutes defy logic, and court interpretations sometimes even make them stranger. more »»



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