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Movies On Maui

May 5, 2011
The Maui News
These are Maui Scene Editor Rick Chatenever’s mini-reviews, excerpts of wire service reviews and previews provided by studios and other sources. Opening Friday “Jumping the Broom” PG-13, 2:07, Maui Mall Megaplex and Front Street Theaters. The title refers to a time when slaves weren’t allowed to marry, but jumped over a broom to tie the knot instead. It becomes a sticking point in this class-conscious comedy involving a wedding between a upscale corporate lawyer played by Paula Patton and up-and-coming (but blue-collar-born) Wall Street trader Jason Taylor. Watch for the class clash between their respective families. Set on tony Martha’s Vineyard, scene of the upcoming nuptials, sparks fly between soon-to-be mothers-in-law Angela Bassett and Loretta Devine amidst all the eye candy and family dynamics leading up to the ceremony. Brian Stokes Mitchell, T.D. Jakes and Julie Bowen co-star; Salim Akil makes the jump from TV’s “Girlfriends” to make her big-screen directoral debut. “Something Borrowed” PG-13, 2:08, Maui Mall Megaplex, Kukui Mall 4 and Front Street Theaters. Ginnifer Goodwin plays a single attorney about to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of her best friend (Kate Hudson), when she makes the mistake of sleeping with the groom (Colin Egglesfield). Only it’s not a mistake since they’ve been best friends since childhood and everyone in the theater can see that they belong together, Of course it will take the rest of the movie for them to figure that out. John Krasinski, Steve Howey and Ashley Williams co-star under Luke Greenfield’s direction. “Thor” PG-13, 2:10, Maui Mall Megaplex (3-D and 2-D) and Lahaina Wharf Cinemas (3-D). Norse mythology makes its contribution to the Marvel Comics superhero franchise with hunky, funny Australian actor Chris Hemsworth in the title role, and Shakespearean veteran Kenneth Branagh directing a cast also featuring Oscar winners Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins. Branaugh adds Shakespearean shadings to the story in which Thor defies his father, Odin, and starts liking the humans he encounters on earth more than the deities he comes from. Stellan Skarsgaard and Kat Dennings co-star with the epic-scale action and special effects. Still playing “African Cats” G, 1:29, Kaahumanu 6. The Disneynature label marks another Earth Day with this tale of two cat families —one lion, one cheetah — living on opposite sides of a river in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Samuel L. Jackson provides the narration and Keith Schaley and Alastair Fothergill directed this two-year project that plays out like a real-life version of “The Lion King.” “Arthur” PG-13, 2:05, ends tonight at Maui Mall Megaplex and Lahaina Wharf Cinemas. It’s all Russell Brand all the time at the movies as the British party boy follows his vocal star turn in “Hop” with this remake of the Dudley Moore classic. He plays a maturity-impaired billionaire whose arranged-marriage plans to dragon lady Jennifer Garner are rearranged when he falls in love with the lovely but poor Greta Gerwig. Helen Mirren changes the gender of the original John Gielgud role to play his tough-love nana. TV’s “Modern Family’s” Jason Winer directs, scoring at the box office, but falling well short of the heart or humor of the original. “The Conspirator” PG-13, 2:02, Maui Mall Megaplex. The iconic Robert Redford directs this stately historical drama set against the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Robin Wright stars as a boarding house owner whose son is accused of helping John Wilkes Booth in the plot. James McAvoy plays the idealistic Civil War hero who’s now her attorney —not to be confused with “The Lincoln Lawyer.” Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson and Alexis Biedel co-star. “Dylan Dog Dead of Night” PG-13, 1:47, ends tonight at Maui Mall Megaplex. Brandon Routh stars as a “supernatural private eye” chasing monsters in the Louisiana bayou in this mystery-comedy. Dressed in his signature red shirt, black jacket and blue jeans, he puts his image on the line in this curious mix of laughs and horror. Anita Briem, Sam Huntington, Peter Stormare and Taye Diggs co-star; Kevin Munroe directs. “Fast Five” PG-13, 2:25, Kaahumanu 6, Kukui Mall 4 and Lahaina Wharf Cinemas. Dwayne Johnson climbs into the driver’s seat to join the automotive action of this fifth installment of “The Fast and the Furious” franchise. He plays a relentless federal agent trying to keep up with the always-on-the-run Vin Diesel, and his former foe now turned buddy, Paul Walker. Jordana Brewster is also along for the ride, directed by Justin Lin with an emphasis on speed and stunts not to try while taking your driver’s license test. Past “Fast and Furious” rowdies including Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and Sung Kang join in the reckless driving antics in this “Ocean's Eleven”-style heist romp set in the streets of Rio, which was tops at the box office this week. “Hanna” PG-13, 1:54, Maui Mall Megaplex. Part fairy tale heroine, part 16-year-old killing machine, young Saoirse Ronan fascinates in the title role. She grows up in isolation in the frozen north where former CIA operative Eric Bana teaches her to hunt, fight and speak many languages. It helps her when she comes back to civilization in territory familiar to watchers of the “Bourne” series. Joe Wright nimbly directs a cast co-starring Cate Blanchett, Olivia Williams and Jessica Barden. Recommended. “Hoodwinked Too: Hood VS Evil” PG, 1:25, Maui Mall Megaplex (3-D and 2-D).. Hayden Panettiere takes over from Anne Hathaway providing the voice of Red Riding Hood in this animated sequel to the 2005 fractured fairy tale. Mike Disa directs, casting the familiar characters —Wolf (Patrick Warburton), Twitchy (a squirrel voiced by Cory Edwards) and Granny (Glenn Close) — as special agents in the Happily Ever After Agency. Dapper frog Nicky Flippers (David Ogden Stiers), gives the orders as they pursue Hansel (Bill Hader) and Gretel (Amy Poehler) who have been kidnapped by witch (Joan Cusack). “Hop” PG, 1:34, Maui Mall Megaplex. Russell Brand tones down the outrageousness to star as an Easter Bunny on the run in this cute blend of live action and animation targeted at family audiences. He doesn’t want to follow his dad into the Easter Bunny business, it seems, and enlists reluctant human James Marsden as his ally in the rainbow-hued tale full of warm, fuzzy co-stars. Tim Hill directs. “Insidious” PG-13, 1:42, Maui Mall Megaplex. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne play a couple who move into a charming old craftsman with their three young children only to discover … way too late … that they’ve got company. “Saw” director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell play all the haunted-house cards in the deck skillfully, making the audience very uncomfortable before the relief of the final frame. “Limitless” PG-13, 2:00, ends tonight at Maui Mall Megaplex; Bradley Cooper plays a dead-end aspiring writer who turns his life around after happening onto a magic pill. Before he knows it, he’s smart, rich, famous … and hooked. It turns out the path to the top has a slippery slope heading down the other side. A guilty pleasure, the film interweaves two cautionary tales — about drug dependency and striking bargains with the devil — but is fun anyway. Abbie Cornish and Robert De Niro head the supporting cast; Neil Burger directs. “Prom” PG, 1:58, Kaahumanu 6 and Front Street Theaters. Disney’s take is targeted at tween girls who are still looking forward to the magic night in their lives. The lovable stereotypes include the misfit Lloyd (Nicholas Braun); the straight-arrow good girl (Aimee Teegarden), the motorcycle-riding rebel (Thomas McDonell) and more. Joe Nussbaum directs. Everything’s more squeaky clean and predictable than in any real high school, but they find a certain sweetness and charm amidst the cliches. “Rio” G, 1:36, Kaahumanu 6, Kukui Mall 4 and Front Street Theaters. Colorfully perched in the hit column, this wacky love story of two exotic birds is set against the sensual setting of Rio during Carnaval. Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg lovingly head the vocal cast also featuring George Lopez, Jamie Foxx, and Tracy Morgan. The script is witty and warm-hearted with Brazilian director adding lots of knowing detail to his love letter to his homeland. The 3-D animation adds to the overall effect, which delights young and old alike. Recommended. “Scream 4” R, 1:58, Maui Mall Megaplex. Original cast members Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Mary McDonnell reunite with director Wes Craven for this fourth installment of horror-comedy. “Howl” might be a better title for this mix of slasher blood and laughs, many of them self-referential based on the lore and legacy the franchise has spawned. Campbell plays the celebrity victim who has turned her initial run-in with Ghostface into a lucrative career, Cox is the still obnoxious journalist chasing the story and Arquette is the doofus cop on the case. Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell provide fresh meat for the cleaver. “Soul Surfer” PG, 2:00, Kaahumanu 6 and Kukui Mall 4; ends tonight at Front Street Theaters. Bethany Hamilton’s inspiring true story, well-known in Hawaii where it continues to take place, comes to the screen with AnnaSophia Robb playing the surfing heroine. A 2003 attack by a 14-foot tiger shark may have taken her arm, but not her spirit, as she was back in the water a month later competing in a professional surfing contest. Now 21, she still is. Carrie Underwood plays Bethany’s youth group leader in this story that also touches on the deep faith of the Hamilton family. Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt co-star as dad and mom; Sean McNamara directs and co-writes. “Source Code” PG-13, 1:33, Maui Mall Megaplex. Jake Gyllenhaal is the latest action hero to find himself dazed and confused in this sci-fi action thriller directed by Duncan Jones. He plays an Army captain decorated for his service in Afghanistan who wakes up on a commuter train traveling with beautiful Michelle Monaghan, who acts like she knows him better than he knows her. And that’s only the beginning of the brain-tickling puzzle that brings the audience along on Jake’s time-warping mission to figure out who he is and what’s going on. Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright co-star. Recommended. “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family” PG-13, 2:01, Maui Mall Megaplex; ends tonight at Front Street Theaters. Tyler Perry once again goes into drag and plays all the parts on both sides of the camera in his latest slice-of-life-in-the-black-community dramedy. Tough-love matriarch Madea has to go into action when her niece receives devastating health news. Loretta Devine, Cassi Davis, Shannon Kane, Isaiah Mustafa, Natalie Desselle and Rodney Perry co-star. “Water for Elephants” PG-13, 2:16, Maui Mall Megaplex, Kukui Mall 4 and Lahaina Wharf Cinemas. Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson make romantic sparks as director Francis Lawrence’s adaptation of Sara Gruen’s best-seller lumbers onto the screen. Set in the Great Depression, he plays a young veterinarian treating the animals in a traveling circus starring the horseback-riding Witherspoon. Their attraction for one another is inevitable, which doesn’t please her sadistic husband (Christoph Waltz), who takes out his displeasure on his wife and the circus’ elephant star. (No real animals were hurt in filming, the studio is quick to point out.) “Your Highness” R, 1:57, ends tonight at Maui Mall Megaplex. James Franco and Danny McBride ride the Pineapple Express back to the Middle Ages to play slackers in shining armor in this stoner comedy. Their mission is to rescue the ravishing but abducted Zooey Deschanel from the clutches of bad sorcerer Justin Theroux, with some help from ye olde archer babe Natalie Portman. Gordon Green directs, throwing in raunchy anachronisms and drug jokes wherever possible. * Times in the movie ads are subject to change on the weekend. For up-to-date movie time changes visit rw/movie/online.

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Chris Hemsworth is the titular hero and Anthony Hopkins is his father, Odin, in this week’s superhero epic, “Thor.”
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