MIL paddling: Seabury Hall wins pair of paddling events

Seabury Hall won two of the three varsity races at the Maui Interscholastic?League canoe paddling regatta on Saturday at Ka Lae Pohaku in Kihei.

The Spartans girls won in 4:12.13, followed by Kamehameha Maui in 4:24.64 and King Kekaulike in 4:33.65. Members of the winning crew were Kamaile Lee, Bela Hamilton, Alexis Smith, Mikaela McDaniel, Kaile Aina Sutherland and Kaulu Luuwai.

The Seabury Hall mixed crew won in 3:54.41, followed by Kamehameha Maui in 3:55.02 and Baldwin in 4:09.48. Members of the winning crew were Adam Ferrier, Mogul Luuwai, McDaniel, Alden Simmer, Lee and Kaulu Luuwai.

Kamehameha Maui won the boys event in 3:40.73. Seabury?Hall was second in 3:43.89 and Maui High third in 3:46.73. Members of the winning crew were Bryce Takabayashi, Maleko Lorenzo, Kauanoe Vanderpoel, Elijah Won, Dustin Tacdol and Kupaa Luat-Hueu.

The same teams also won in the season-opening regatta Dec. 15 at Kahului Harbor.

Saturday’s regatta also was scheduled for Kahului Harbor, but an ocean swell forced it to be moved to Ka Lae Pohaku.

Molokai and Lanai did not compete because of rough ocean conditions, which could have affected the ferry operations between islands.