Bears total six champs in judo opener

Baldwin High School produced four girls champions and two first-place finishers in the boys competition during the first judo tournament of the Maui Interscholastic League season on Saturday at Maui High in Kahului.

In the girls division, Crystal Yokoyama won at 115 pounds, Julia Kinoshita at 129, Casandra Mendiola at 139 and Kawehilani Dumaran at 172. Keiani Inouye won the boys 145 title, and Sean Domingo shared first place at 178 with Jeffrey Corpuz of Maui High.

The Sabers had two other boys champions – Jonathan Garcia won at 161, and Jan Raphael Carino tied for first at 121. The Maui High girls team’s Kateleen Caye Bio won at 98, Roshelle Galiza won at 103 and Alyssa Queral tied for first at 109.

King Kekaulike’s Hollis Atkinson shared the boys 121 title, while Tana Rivers (198) and Phillip Malano (275) finished first as well. Kalaionmaka Joy tied for first in the girls 109 division, and Kelsi Peterson was the 122 winner.

Kamehameha Maui had a pair of boys champions – Sai Furukawa tied for first at 121, and Daren Nakanelua won at 132.

MIL Judo Tournament No. 1

Saturday’s Results At Maui High


98-1. Kateleen Caye Bio, Maui High; 2. Princess Cainguitan, Maui High; 3. Mary Jane Butac, Maui High.

103-1. Roshelle Galiza, Maui High; 2. Mary Ann Gomez, Baldwin; 3t. Kailee Fleming, Maui High; 3t. Tara-Anne Marie Pacubas, Maui High; 3t. Lyka Mae Hugo, Maui High.

109-1t. Kalaionmaka Joy, King Kekaulike; 1t. Alyssa Queral, Maui High; 3. Isabel Bayron, Baldwin; 4. Taylor Phillips, King Kekaulike; 5. Moon Jung Lee, Maui High.

115-1. Crystal Yokoyama, Baldwin; 2. Angelee Watson, King Kekaulike; 3. Kapuaaluhiokeakua Joy, King Kekaulike; 4. Tee Shawna Amor-Mashino, King Kekaulike; 5. Gazel Sarmiento, Maui High; 6. Camille Villa, Maui High.

122-1. Kelsi Peterson, King Kekaulike; 2. Diana Naihe, Hana; 3. Noelani Fevella, King Kekaulike; 4. Kami Kutsunai, Baldwin.

129-1. Julia Kinoshita, Baldwin; 2. Brittney Nakamura, King Kekaulike; 3. Seanna Yoshioka, Baldwin; 4. Mooney Myah, King Kekaulike; 5. McKenna Chaney, Kamehameha Maui.

139-1. Casandra Mendiola, Baldwin; 2. Brookelyn Borges, Baldwin; 3. Alexandra Jeanel Pardico, Maui High; 4. Leah Cabayan, King Kekaulike; 5. Victoria Alakai, Kamehameha Maui.

172-1. Kawehilani Dumaran, Baldwin; 2. Keely Lindsey, Kamehameha Maui.


121 A-1t. Sai Furukawa, Kamehameha Maui; 1t. Jan Raphael Carino, Maui High; 1t. Hollis Atkinson, King Kekaulike; 4. John Hoopii, Baldwin.

121 B-1t. Mark Christian Realin, Maui High; 1t. Ryan Han Scam, Baldwin; 3t. Noah Kosuga, Maui High; 3t. Alika Agonoy-Lopez, Baldwin.

132-1. Daren Nakanelua, Kamehameha Maui; 2. Jonathan Yasana, Baldwin; 3. Dawson Taniguchi, Kamehameha Maui; 4t. Brandon King, King Kekaulike; 4t. Arthur Agapay, Maui; 4t. Eric Dela Cruz, Maui High.

145-1. Keiani Inouye, Baldwin; 2. Dax Malcolm-Camoin, King Kekaulike; 3. Raymond Andrade, Baldwin; 4. Malachi-Christopher Clark, King Kekaulike.

161-1. Jonathan Garcia, Maui High; 2. Drevyn Tavares, King Kekaulike; 3. Crizzane Casil, Maui High; 4. Johnnie Clark, King Kekaulike.

178-1t. Sean Domingo, Baldwin; 1t. Jeffrey Corpuz, Maui High; 3. Marlon Villanueva, Maui High; 4. Robert Smith, Hana; 5t. Gabriel Nakooka, King Kekaulike; 5t. Vincent Aglugub, Maui High.

198-1. Tana Rivers, King Kekaulike; 2. Nainoa Jorg, Maui High; 3. Kanale Poaipuni-Puaa, King Kekaulike; 4. Kapahanau Palakiko, Kamehameha Maui.

275-1. Phillip Malano, King Kekaulike; 2. Jomelsen Jose, Baldwin; 3. Thomas Peterson, King Kekaulike; 4. Joseph Metz, King Kekaulike.