Bicakci, Buzianis win twice

Micah Buzianis won seven of eight races to claim two divisions in Saturday’s Meanline Fins Slalom at Kanaha Beach Park in Kahului.

Buzianis took the pro and 40-49 titles in the third event of the 29th annual Maui Race Series.

The other double winner was Deniz Bicakci, in the junior and expert divisions.

Competitors sailed in gusty winds of 15-25 mph and had to negotiate an extra-long outside leg in the five-buoy course.

The longer course made no difference to Buzianis, who just returned from placing fifth in a Professional Windsurfing Association event in Costa Bravo, Spain.

“It mixed it up a little, but I don’t think it changed the results,” he said.

The only stumble Buzianis had the entire day was in his first 40-49 race. He mistimed the start and finished second in the heat, behind Peter Slate.

“I was way behind the two Japanese guys at the start,” Buzianis recalled. “Either they were over early or I had (a) terrible start. I had a terrible start.

“I think the start was moved farther in, because it normally is closer to the reef. I know when I cross the reef where I’m at.”

Fujiko Onishi, a windsurfing instructor from Japan who won the women’s title, preferred the longer reach to the second outside buoy.

“I like the long leg,” said Onishi, who defeated Tamara Bockius for the first time. “I love speed.”

Two PWA competitors who sailed with Buzianis in Spain, Austria’s Marco Lang and Germany’s Gunnar Asmussen, made their first MRS appearances. Lang won the 19-39 title and was fourth in the pro division. Asmussen was third in the 19-39 and pro classes.

“It’s perfect conditions here, nice organization,” Lang said. “The weather, sun and wind for sure I’m coming back to Maui.”

Asmussen agreed – “It’s perfect, it’s the best place to compete for racing,” he said. “Every day it’s windy.”

Dan Ellis lost a tiebreaker to Buzianis in the pro division and was second in 19-39.

The other winners were Chris McNeil (50-59), Greg Thomas (60 and over), and Sam Bockius (semipro).

The series’ next event is the Quiksilver Cup on July 13.