Bump and run


Saturday’s Results

At Kahana Beach Park

Elementary-1. Victoria Martins and Rayson Rivera, 2. Jessie Corralle and Brianna Jay, 3. Malia Bennett and Amaya Genovia, 4. Asia Tallin Jody-Lyn Threes, 5. Kaiea Kalahiki and Ryder Tremble, 6. Chairo Artsygal and Eden Lingenfelder.

Middle school-1. Erica Pilotin and Reilley Marrs, 2. Tati Ringsby and Chandler Cowell, 3. Erica Preseaux and Ethan Preseaux, 4. Johnny Hyman and Inez Garcia, 5. Kai Preseaux and J.D. Pells, 6. Tessa Johnson and Montana DiSegna, 7. Sevilla Leuteneker and Isabel Bennett, 8. Makayla Marrs and Louisa Buckingham, 9. Trenton Steele and Clair Peck, 10. Jacob Kaiser and Julian Askov, 11. Kano Watanabe and Kiana Kaiser, 12. Nahaku Takahashi and Sierra Lewis.

High school girls-1. Amy Ozee and Emma Pilotin, 2. Gabby Cordoba and Danielle Brown, 3. Sophie Janssen and Shaye Clemente, 4. Nikki Shaw and Phoebe Fickbohm, 5. Savy Janssen and Bel Cagen, 6. Kiana Vandale and Kekela Steiner, 7. Alissa Lei Wallin and Leimana Wallin, 8. Harley Gonsalves and Kahea Andrade, 9. Rose Love and Kela Kahikina.

High school boys-1. Blake Rizzo and Nyck Yashiro, 2. Colton Cowell and Justin Ringsby, 3. Ian Roth and Juston Nees, 4. Liam Chan-Hodges and Hunter Marrs, 5. Kyle Stisher and Reilley Marrs, 6. Cameron King and Makena Jost, 7. Ian Martins and Alec Fonseca, 8. Kevin Lewis and Noah Rohozinski, 9. Tomas Dreibelbis and Noah Hammon, 10. Johnny Jost and Jordyn McDaniel, 11. Kailer Jones and Kalan Birnie.

Women’s open-1. Nikki Janssen and Missy Dunham, 2. Kaimi Rocha and Yacine Meyer, 3. Amy Ozee and Phoebe Fickbohm, 4. Summer Lewis and Sophie Janssen, 5. Niki Shaw and Kaipo Rocha.

Men’s open-1. Dylan Hamilton and Eric Pounder, 2. Josh Sutherland and Rocky DeLyon, 3. Colton Cowell and Justin Ringsby, 4. Justyn Kuhaulua and Jaryn Kuhaulua, 5. Max DeLyon and Nyck Yashiro, 6. Hunter Marrs and Tomas Dreibelbis, 7. Reilley Marrs and Kyle Stisher.