Magana, Maulit break teen weightlifting records

Two members of West Maui Powerlifters, Llumel Magana and Vijay Maulit, turned in record-setting performances at the World Association of Benchers and Dead Lifters’ National Push-Pull Bench Press and Deadlift Championships on June 8 in Phoenix.

Magana, competing in the 18-19 year teen division’s 181-pound weight class, had a deadlift of 529 pounds and benched 418 pounds. Competing as an Arizona resident, he set state records for his division with both performances, won the men’s open 181 title in bench and deadlift and was named the event’s best teen lifter in each category.

Maulit set a Hawaii state record in the 18-19 division’s 242-pound class with a bench press of 424 pounds. He also had a deadlift of 457 pounds. Both marks took first place.