Maiava and friends instruct football players on Molokai

FIRST PHOTO: Athletes work on resistance training while running with cords attached to their backs during a football clinic Wednesday at Molokai High School conducted by Oakland Raiders linebacker Kaluka Maiava. Former college players Cody Nakamura, Kai Maiava, Kaniela Tuipulotu and JoJo Dickson helped out. Fourteen students entering grades 8th through 12th participated in the free clinic. “I don’t have a magical speech that’s going to shoot them right to the top,” said Maiava, a Baldwin High School graduate. “Hopefully something we do, though, can show them that anything is possible. We’re just normal guys from Hawaii who worked hard for something. We told them that, be it football, or whatever job it is you wanted to do, you can do it if you work at it.”

SECOND PHOTO: Participants learn techniques from the clinic’s instructors.

THIRD PHOTO: The athletes go through ladder drills.