Title times two


Friday’s and Saturday’s Results

At Kanaha Beach Park

Elementary school-1. Ryder Tremble and Finn Spencer, 2. Victoria Martins and Savannah, 3. Mileina Sniffen and Archer Richmond, 4. Kaiea Kalahiki and Briana Jay, 5. Malia Bennet and Josie Rempter, 6. Pono Birnie and Eden Lingenfelder.

Middle school-1. Reilley Marrs and Erica Pilotin, 2. Jenna Lau and Aliah Ayau, 3. Chandler Cowell and Johnny Hyman, 4. Kaden Moore and Jeffrey Spencer, 5. Shaina Uyechi and Napua Gushikin, 6. Tessa Johnson and Sevilla Leuteneker, 7. J.D. Pells and Trenton Steele, 8. Antonio Mason and Makayla Marrs, 9. Isabel Bennet and Soria Mossman, 10. Ethan Preseaux and Pono Birnie, 11. Kai Preseaux and Satya Fisher, 12. Inez Garcia and Nicole Bantilan, 13. Malia Bennet and Mileina Sniffen, 14. C.J. Ozee and Dylan Suarez-Meltonn, 15. Javi Frith and Miachelli Sniffen, 16. Kiana Keyser and Abby Drood, 17. Tatum Jones and Nahaku Takahashi.

High school boys-1. Colton Cowell and Reilley Marrs, 2. Nyck Yashiro and Liam Chan-Hodges, 3t. Blake Rizzo and Justin Ringsby, 3t. Ian Roth and Tomas Dreibelbis, 5. Makena Jost and Hunter Marrs, 6. Kyle Stisher and Ryan Noufer, 7. Ian Martins and Shaina Uyechi, 8. Buster Barrett and Niki Shaw, 9. Kylan Zolotow and Ethan Preseaux, 10. Martin Hamilton and Jonny Jost, 11. Ben Cooper and Noah Rohozinski, 12. Kailer Jones and Jordyn McDaniel, 13. Rowdy Pitman and Keane Chan-Hodges, 14. Noah Jarrett and Ben Jordan.

High school girls-1. Amy Ozee and Emma Pilotin, 2. Phoebe Fickbohm and Allison Rudow, 3. Danielle Brown and Gabby Cordoba, 4. Zoe Napolitano and Chandler Cowell, 5. Kylie Ibias and Jenna Luhrs, 6. Alissa Wallin and Shaye Clemente, 7t. Kayana Kamoku and Kaala Corpuz, 7t. Casey Arakaki and Keolani Hill, 9. Rose Love and Kela Kahikina.

Men-1. Corey Spence and Colton Cowell, 2. Isaac Kneubuhl and Kawika Siciak, 3t. Josh Sutherland and Blake Rizzo, 3t. Dylan Hamilton and Makena Jost, 5t. Markus Forrster and Dan Villani, 5t. Eric Pounder and Karsten Lee, 7t. Kyle Stisher and Liam Chan-Hodges, 7t. Hunter Marrs and Tomas Dreibelbis, 9. Sage Trudeau and Reilley Marrs, 10. Norm Miller and Seth Cutts, 11. Sienna Davis and Erin Lindsey, 12. Kekoa Uyechi and Anuhea Kaiaokamalie, 13. Jenna Luhrs and Steven Cordoba.

Women-1. Yacine Meyer and Niki Shaw, 2. Gabby Cordoba and Danielle Brown, 3. Phoebe Fickbohm and Allison Rudow, 4. Amy Ozee and Emma Pilotin.