Cabe sets world deadlift records at meet in Honolulu

Elizabeth Cabe set a World Association of Benches and Dead Lifters world record during an event on Sunday at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, and was one of four Maui competitors to be named an outstanding lifter.

Cabe set world records in the 97-pound division of the women’s open and 40-46 classes with a deadlift of 332.7 pounds, and was named the top deadlifter in junior/submaster/open classes, and the master class.

Gerald Dionio was named the top teen men’s deadlifter, Moses K. Timbal was the top master men’s deadlifter and Darnell Criste was named the top master women’s bench presser.

Competing at 123 pounds, Dionio set two national records in the men’s 18-19 division, with a deadlift of 440.8 pounds and a bench press of 292.0.

Timbal set state records in the 68-74 men’s 165 division with a bench press of 209.25 pounds and a deadlift of 441.9.

Criste’s bench press of 192.75 won the open women’s 148 title and set a state record in the 47-53 division.

Competing at 165 pounds, Judd Sato III set an open men’s state record with a bench press of 426.50 pounds and won the junior men’s deadlift, pulling 501.5 pounds.

Siu Whitehead’s deadlift of 264.5 pounds made her the women’s open and 40-46 winner at 114 pounds.

Jonathan Domingo won the submaster men’s 181 deadlift, pulling 545.50 pounds.

Andrew Tabisula deadlifted 589.5 pounds to finish first in the junior men’s 181 division.

Kamalei Benjamin-Maielua placed second in the junior men 198 bench press with a lift of 363.8 pounds.