Crews compete for Dutchy Kino titles

FIRST PHOTO: Hawaiian Canoe Club’s unlimited team leads Waakapaemua on the way to crossing the finish line first in Saturday’s Dutchy Kino Memorial Classic women’s race. Hawaiian’s crew of Joanne Sheng, Kealani Kimball, Eleu Novikoff, Krystal Del Rosario, Carolina De Sa and Michelle Cerizo covered the roughly 10-mile course from Makena Landing to Ka Lae Pohaku in Kihei in 1 hour, 13 minutes, 24 seconds as an unofficial entrant. Waakapaemua was the race champion – Patty Pali, Courtney Turner, Kaala Wright, Haley May Greenleaf, Ishay Honokaupu and Tabitha Pupuhi finished in 1:13:40.

SECOND PHOTO: Lae Ula O Kai’s Joanna Lee, Laura Burger, Margie Kahookele-Pea, Magdalena Carey, Fiona Van Ammers and Sharon Balidoy paddle to a third-place time of 1:13:46.

THIRD PHOTO: Men’s crews take off from the starting line at Ka Lae Pohaku. The winner of the men’s race of approximately 15 miles was the Wailea II crew of Felipe Gomes, Tyson Kubo, Orion Owens, Jacob Abeytia, Will Richenstein and Quinn Whitford, in 1:40:38. Wailea I was second in 1:42:44, and Hawaiian (1:47:43) placed third.