De Zwart retains second place in five-day stand-up paddle event

Three-time defending champion Bart de Zwart of Haiku was in second place in the men’s race after Thursday’s second leg of the five-stage SUP 11-City Tour in the Netherlands.

De Zwart was the runner-up to Austria’s Peter Bartl in each of the opening two stages of the stand-up paddle event – from Leeuwarden to Sloten, approximately 28 miles, and from Sloten to Workum, approximately 28.5 miles.

Bartl had a time of 5 hours, 12 minutes, 26.0 seconds on the second leg for a total time of 10:12:57.4, 3:06.9 in front of De Zwart, who had a second leg of 5:12:26.

The race will cover a total distance of almost 137 miles.

In a blog on, de Zwart wrote “(Bartl) made his move about an hour from the end. I’m not feeling as strong this year as I was in 2012 and am hoping the conditions get worse for the remainder of the Tour, because I feel a lot more comfortable when we have head-wind or rough waters.”

Last year, de Zwart completed a stand-up paddle across the North Sea, covering roughly 100 miles from England to the Netherlands in approximately 37 1/2 hours, and in 2011, he spent five days on a stand-up paddleboard to travel from the Big Island to Kauai, a trip of about 300 miles.