Facial hair of Victorino, Ortiz on eBay

BOSTON (AP) – It’s the ultimate display of Boston Red Sox fandom: owning strands of the beards that once belonged to David Ortiz and Shane Victorino.

The hairs that Ortiz and Victorino, a St. Anthony High School alumnus, shaved off earlier this month are being auctioned for a men’s health charity. Each “beard ball trophy” features a glass case holding a clump of whiskers and the razor used to trim them a few days after Boston won the World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Red Sox were led to their third title in a decade by a roster full of bushy-bearded players, who grew their facial hair as team bonding. The public “shave offs” for Ortiz and Victorino raised money for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

A few hours into the eBay auction Thursday, Ortiz’s facial hair was up to $740, Victorino’s to $460. The bidding ends Nov. 30.

Proceeds will go toward combating prostate and testicular cancer. The promotion is sponsored by Gillette.