Gentil posts day’s top heat

Ian Gentil of Paia posted the top heat score of Thursday’s competition in the HIC Pro at the North Shore’s Sunset Beach, and advanced to the fourth round.

Ian Walsh of Haiku had the day’s second-best wave score in winning his round-of-96 heat in the Triple Crown of Surfing qualifier, and Kevin Sullivan of Lahaina won his heat as well.

Gentil posted a 17.33, second in the contest overall to Walsh, with a top wave of 8.93.

Walsh’s 15.93 included a wave worth 9.43 points, bested on Thursday only by the 9.47 of Oahu’s Kaito Kino.

Walsh recorded an 18.40 with a contest-leading 9.73 wave in a round-of-128 heat Tuesday.

Haiku’s Kai Barger had his round-of-96 heat put on hold.

Sullivan advanced to a heat that also includes Hana’s Olamana Eleogram, who received a bye to the final 64, as did Lahaina’s Dusty Payne and Haiku’s Tanner Hendrickson.

Billy Kemper of Kuau and Imaikalani DeVault of Kula were eliminated in the round of 128, and Hana’s Hank Gaskell in the round of 96.