Smiles and ceremony at Central Maui Little League opening day

FIRST PHOTO: Players, coaches and parents attend Central Maui Little League’s opening day ceremony Saturday morning at the War Memorial complex in Wailuku. The league has more than 600 players, plus 132 coaches, on 44 teams this year.

SECOND PHOTO: Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui greets catcher Kalai Tom, 11, of the majors division Nationals after throwing out the first pitch.

THIRD PHOTO: Kennedy Heintz, 5, tosses his hat in the air while standing with his tee-ball Yankees teammates.

FOURTH PHOTO: Noah Gabriel, a 6-year-old member of the coach-pitch Athletics, celebrates after winning a raffle for a ball signed by Minnesota Twins catcher Kurt Suzuki, a Baldwin High School graduate.